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Ticker: OLE

Platform: BLAST

Publish date: May 24, 2024

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BLAST Airdrop Farming Gold Strategy – District One (Blast Airdrop Guide)

Play money games, engage with social groups, and earn rewards like Gems, $OLE, and #BlastGold.

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Your total gems significantly affect the size of your future airdrops in two key events: the Blast Developer Airdrop, in which 100% of prizes are redistributed, and the forthcoming 50M $OLE Airdrop, which coincides with the listing of $OLE on a major exchange. Increase your participation to grow your share.

D1 has secured another 1.44m Gold in 3rd distribution, thanks to the incredible support from the community and the trust of @Blast_L2. This boost propels us closer to becoming the ultimate Social Hub of Web3!

100% of the $Gold will be distributed to D1 users.

OpenLeverage (OLE) 👉 TVL and Price

About DistrictOne

DistrictOne (D1) is a SocialFi app that transforms group talks into exciting money games. It enables the community to make money through social interaction while also allowing projects/influencers to get attention, traction, and monetize their groups.

Group Chats reinvented with Money Games, @Blast_L2 Big Bang winner, and backed by @BinanceLabs and @Cryptocom_Cap.

Step-by-step guide on how to get DistrictOne Airdrop

Participants can easily earn rewards while actively participating in Rallies by utilizing the $OLE token and Gems balance. Participating in Rallies scheduled at specific times presents an opportunity to earn $OLE tokens without the need for any investment. These Rallies, held at 4am, 8pm, and 12pm UTC, reward active engagement with $OLE tokens, which can be seamlessly exchanged for ETH.

Visit DistrictOne Airdrop page and connect your wallet. Enter this code ‘T1RXYO’ to get an extra points.

Begin by linking up with just 0.005 ETH (18$). . When you invite others, you will earn 70% of your invite and 20% from their linkups, too. Additionally, invitations to District One’s platform result in instantly tradable $OLE tokens, further enhancing the earning potential for participants. Learn more.

Buy some $OLE tokens.

💡 If you do not have $OLE on the Blast network, you can buy $ETH on Binance and withdraw it to your Metamask wallet, or you can bridge some ETH, USDT, USDC from any network to the Blast network using the Owlto Bridge and then swap it into $OLE tokens using Thruster (Official DEX on Blast)

Stake $sOLE to boost your earning. Stake your OLE tokens as SOLE to become an active participant in the DistrictOne ecosystem. Learn more about staking OLE tokens here.

Select “Live” -> chat -> if someone else shares a heart, they will receive GEMS (investors can cross-like with other users, 10 hearts per day).

Wait for Jackpot time to receive at least 250 GEMS.

Visit https://districtone.io/space/sprint/ -> participate in interaction with any space or create a space if you have over 1500 followers on Twitter.

Click “Acquire share” -> select the amount of Share you want to buy and the payment token -> “Acquire share” -> confirm on the wallet.

Taking part in Rallys can be a rewarding experience as they happen four times a day and provide the opportunity to win prizes. Rallys are available every two hours, with a 15-minute registration window after 1 hour and 45 minutes to select your rally space. It is essential to act quickly to increase your chances of obtaining Gems, leading to better Blast Gold and Airdrop rewards.

Accumulate Gems for Higher Rewards: The more Gems you collect, the higher the chances of receiving increased Blast Gold and Airdrop rewards. Plan your strategies and engage actively to maximize your earnings.”

👉 The Comprehensive Guide for Blast Airdrop

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