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Ticker: DOP

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: May 25, 2024

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How to get DOP Mainnet airdrop:

Use DOP now – win BIG later! Following the Mainnet launch, DOP team is starting two airdrop campaigns with 460M $DOP up for grabs – first one starts NOW!
Get endless points for unlimited referrals, encryptions, transfers, and many other actions in the protocol & watch your points become DOP tokens by the end of this campaign.

About DOP

Data Ownership Protocol (DOP), established in 2022, is a global blockchain trailblazer that redefines and expands upon the original concepts of data ownership. With offices in Japan, Pakistan, and Tel Aviv, our team spans the globe, including vibrant hubs like Dubai, Portugal, and Poland.

Data Ownership Protocol is a project that uses zero-knowledge proofs to enhance transparency on Ethereum L1.

The Data Ownership Protocol aims to redefine data storage models by granting users control of their personal information. The idea improves credibility and security by allowing users to choose to publish data on the blockchain.

After the successful testnet airdrop campaign and the distribution of $DOP tokens to the participants, we continue with the DOP mainnet campaign.

The project’s first beta release, on May 24, marked the transfer to the mainnet. DOP has announced that future releases will contain selective transparency, NFTs, enhancements, DeFi integration, and layer 2 solutions.

Step-by-step guide on how to get DOP Airdrop

How to earn points on DOP mainnet

  • Go to the DOP Airdrop page.
  • Select “Create a wallet” to create a new wallet or “Import a wallet” to import an existing DOP wallet.
  • For creating a new wallet, users need to set a password and save the recovery phrase.
  • For importing an existing wallet, users need to enter the recovery phrase, set a new password, and click “Submit” to complete the process.
  • After successfully logging in, users complete tasks to earn points.
  • Select “Badges” and link social media accounts by joining the Telegram group, Discord, following the project on X, etc.
  • Choose “Complete ZK KYC”
  • Enter your email address and the 6-digit code sent to your email.
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code on the screen and perform a face scan.
  • Receive PoC, SBT, and wait for system approval.
  • Choose “Complete email verification,” then enter your email and confirm it.
  • Navigate to the “Account” section and select “Referral Link”
  • Share with other users to join the event. The project states that users can encrypt and decrypt tokens to accumulate more points and earn badges upon reaching specific milestones.
  • Choose “Encrypt” or “Decrypt”
  • Select the asset type, enter the amount, and confirm. For Decrypt, an additional wallet address and password are required.

The more points accumulated in the wallet, the higher the airdrop received. Staking tasks will be updated soon.

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