Hosted (exclusive) airdrops

We are providing a service of creating and executing crypto airdrops for you. To see how hosted airdrop looks check this page: Demo airdrop.

Customize requirements and track airdrop stats

The airdrop form is highy customizable and all airdrop requirements and task can be edited to satisfy your needs. Your project manager will get a link (only visible to you) where you can track the airdrop progress. You can download the “.csv” file and export it to spreadsheet any time you want.

Get more exposure

Hosted (exclusive) airdrops will get more exposure. They will be pinned on our website on the fron page and in the featured section in the side bar on the all pages. Alos, we will pinn your airdrop on our social media to get maximum exposure.

If you want tu submit your airdrop go to this link for airdrop submition. Or you can send us an email on this address: [email protected]