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Ticker: BLAST

Platform: GOLD

Publish date: May 22, 2024

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Want to boost your Blast Gold?

From today until June 26, Blast will reward Blast-native tokens, LPs in Blast token pools (@juice_finance, @pacmoon_, @districtoneio, & more) will be getting up to 2x @Blast_L2.

In 2024, Blast L2 will not only play a pivotal role in blockchain operations but also innovate with the introduction of its proprietary layer-2 solution.

Blast has reached $3.2 Billion in TVL 👉Blast TVL

The Blast airdrop is launching June 26.

Join the BLAST airdrop 👉 BLAST (Invite code PV2QI)

 Gold moving forward!

50% of the Blast Airdrop is allocated to Blast Points. Your wallet will earn Points automatically for every block based on your ETH/WETH/USDB balance. This is reflected in real-time on your Blast Airdrop dashboard.

Introducing Blast: The only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins.

Blast is an L2 with a native yield for stablecoins and ETH. RWA protocols and ETH staking are the sources of blast yield. The yield generated by these decentralized technologies is immediately returned to Blast users. The default interest rate on other L2s is 0%. On Blast, it’s 4% for ETH and 5% for stablecoins. Users deal with Ethereum. ETH is the foundation of dapps.

Interact with Fantasy.Pro

Fantasy Top captivates cryptocurrency enthusiasts by transforming top social media influencers into Ethereum-based NFT trading cards on the Blast scaling network. Participants can outperform others by assembling card lineups that generate the most real-world Twitter engagement during contests, resulting in cryptocurrency and other in-game rewards.

Step 1: Go to website (Invite code ‘ addermike1972’)

Step 2: Make an account, connecting your Twitter account.

Step 3: Interact with the platform, check out their marketplace.

How to earn Points

How to add Blast to Metamask

Go to the CHAINLIST website and add Blast Network to your Metamask wallet.

Wallet Balance

  • 50% of the Blast Airdrop is allocated to Blast Points. Your wallet will earn Points automatically for every block based on your ETH/WETH/USDB balance. This is reflected in real-time on your Blast Airdrop dashboard.
  • To increase your Points, you can bridge more to Blast.
  • Your Points earnings will grow over time as your wallet balance increases due to the native yield on Blast (~4% for ETH/WETH and 5% for USDB) as well.
  • ETH/WETH balances earn a consistent amount of points, and USDB balances earn a variable amount of points depending on the current price of ETH. The USDB to ETH conversion rate for points is updated whenever your account receives or sends USDB.

💡 If you do not have funds on the Blast network, you can buy ETH on Binance and withdraw it to your Metamask wallet, or you can bridge some USDT, USDC from any network to the Blast network using the Owlto Bridge and then use Thruster, a Blast’s official DEX to bridge to $USBD, $OLE and other tokens of Blast ecosystem.


  • You will earn +16% on top of any Points your invites earn, and +8% on top of any Points your invite’s invites earn. The more your invites bridge, the more you earn!


  • Dapps earn Points at the same rate as wallets based on their TVL. When you transfer ETH/WETH/USDB from your wallet to Dapps, the Dapps will start earning Points based on what you transferred over.
  • Dapps distribute the Points they earn back to you. To do so they must integrate with the Blast Points API. Any Points sent to you from Dapps will be reflected on your Blast Airdrop dashboard.

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How to earn Multipliers

  • Multipliers increase your Points balance and earnings rate. For instance, if you have 100 Points, and you are earning 20 Points per hour, after earning a 2x Multiplier, you will now have 200 Points and you will earn 40 Points per hour.
  • You can earn Multipliers by using the highlighted Dapps. When you click on a Multiplier, you’ll see which Dapps you can use to earn it. As long as you use any of the indicated Dapps, you will receive the Multiplier.
  • You do not have to spend a lot of money to get Multipliers. In truth, you do not have to risk any money to earn them. As long as you submit a transaction that interacts with a highlighted Dapp, you will receive the Multiplier. This ensures that everyone, from whales to new users, has an equal opportunity to win Multipliers.

How to Earn Gold in Dapps

Blast Gold receives 50% of the total Blast Airdrop. Gold is for Dapps and, unlike Points, it is distributed manually. The Blast incentives committee will distribute Gold every 2-3 weeks and make an announcement to the public once it has been distributed.

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