April 29, 2021
Poplink featured

Poplink Oracles – one of the most exciting new DeFi project

Poplink Oracles is a decentralized Oracles network system based on the DPOS consensus mechanism. It aims to create a persistent network protocol that can provide real-world data and scalability for blockchain. It was selected as one of the 21 most promising blockchain projects in 2021 by the Singapore Blockchain Research Institute. 

As of April 29th, 2021, Poplink Oracles has achieved great success in brand building and community promotion. In the past few months, we have received a US$5 million investment from the world’s leading blockchain investment institution and have been selected as one of the world’s most promising blockchain projects. At the same time, we have cooperated with Kucoin、 imtoken、BAFI、IPFS、 Qtum、etherscan, and other well-known institutions that have established long-term partnerships.

Two rounds of pre-sale plans will be implemented in two months.

Seed round

The seed round is only for early contributors and active participants of Poplink Oracles. Approved by the Poplink Foundation, the pre-sale price for this round is 0.00011ETH. We will only collect 100 ETH in this round.

How to participate?

1) Send ETH to this contribution Wallet address: (Min contribution is 0.1 ETH per user )  



Send USDT-trc20 to this TRC20 address (Min 100USDT per user)  



Send BNB -BEP20 to this BEP20 address (Min 0.2BNB per user) 


2) fill the form once ETH/BNB/USDT-TRC20 is sent to the contribution address:  


3)Check your ERC-20 address, you will receive the POPO token on May 15,  

Note: it is FCFS ( First come first serve round )

If the 100 ETH quota has been met when participating in the pre-sale, your assets will be returned to your Ethereum wallet in the same way. Participants who made a successful purchase will receive POPO tokens before May 15th. Please do not submit the exchange wallet address.

Official pre-sale round:

The official pre-sale time is from May 1st to May 15th. We will collect 2400 ETH in this round. The price of each token is 0.00012ETH. Taking into account a large number of participating users around the world, we will not use a centralized fundraising platform for token pre-sales.DODO platform is the world’s leading digital asset pre-sale platform. It is more open and fair, fast in transactions, and sufficient in liquidity. So we will conduct the second round of pre-sales on the DODO decentralized platform so that this pre-sale can be opened to members from more countries and regions. This is the link for the official pre-sale of POPO tokens on the DODO platform.

POPO token tokenomics:

Token: POPO

Listing: Uniswap and other top CEXs in June

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (MAX)

Pre-Sale: 40,000,000 (4%) – Unsold tokens will be burned

Contract Address: 0xa916d194cdc1fad83f5e0e4a5720a10922deb088

See details: POPO token distribution plan

Social media

Twitter https://twitter.com/poplink16



Discord https://discord.com/invite/8KjzBxzfyv

Telegram Grouphttps://t.me/poplinkoraclegroup

Telegram Channel https://t.me/poplinkoracles

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