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June 5, 2019
If you’ve started to research how to earn cryptocurrency, then you’ve probably heard of airdrops a new pioneering concept of giving away free tokens to enthusiasts. Those willing to part with their contact details in exchange for a few of the companies latest cryptocurrency or utility token are added to a list. Once the token …

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March 26, 2019
Yes, airdrops are free crypto tokens and coins. But there are still dangers that you have to be aware of. Good thing will be to read our tutorial how to safely participate in the airdrops before continuing to this article. Even if the airdrops are free you are investing your time and usually some sort …

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March 10, 2019
I firstly heard about the Ternio more than one year ago. It was one of the first ICO’s on the Stellar. I was thinking about the investing and have already pass the KYC, when they have announced the airdrop. Airdrop was simple and attractive. All you need to do was to register on the airdrop …

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February 11, 2019
2018 was the year of the crypto airdrops. While this phenomenon is in some sort of decline (it, of course, follows the global crypto trends), airdrops are still coming. Cryptocurrency airdrops are efficient way of promoting crypto project, building a community and great way of initial tokens distribution. Usually projects are using these marketing methods …

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