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Publish date: May 8, 2024

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How to get CyberConnect airdrop:

Stake $CYBER

Powered by @eigenlayer & @Optimism, in partnership with @alt_layer, Cyber is the first modular L2 designed for social and mass adoption.

A total of 1 million CYBER community prizes are available to recognize our devoted community members for their participation and support. The complete 1 million reward pool is eventually unlocked as the quantity of CYBER staked reaches each milestone.

About CyberConnect 

CyberConnect is a Web3 social network that allows developers to create social applications that provide users with control over their digital identities, content, connections, and interactions.

CYBER stakeholders can expect to receive four categories of rewards:

CYBER Season 2 Rewards: To improve network security and reward early loyal members of the $Cyber community, 1,000,000 $CYBER will be distributed to those who staked $CYBER during the Season 2 Campaign.

Ecosystem Airdrop: As the $Cyber ecosystem grows and thrives, $CYBER stakeholders may profit from receiving airdrops from the ecosystem.

Network Revenue Sharing: The staked $CYBER is delegated to Actively Validated Services (AVS) operators via EigenLayer. In exchange, $CYBER stakeholders will split money from these services.

CYBER Staking Incentives: A 5.5M $CYBER Staking Incentive has been specifically developed to provide enough incentives for $CYBER stakers both immediately and in the long run.

Unstake tokens: You can unstake your $CYBER shortly after the launch of the Cyber mainnet. The Cyber mainnet is planned to launch simultaneously with the EigenLayer mainnet, targeting the second quarter of 2024.

For more details about CYBER staking, please visit: https://cyber.co/stake

Step-by-step guide on how to get CyberConnect Airdrop

  1. Connect your wallet and go to CyberConnect’s Airdrop Page.
  2. Change to the Network of Optimism. Make sure you have enough Eth on the Optimism network to pay the gas fee.
  3. Type in the 03NBO referral code (if needed).
  4. To get points, stake a minimum of 10 (ten) $CYBER tokens by June 8, 2024. On Binance, you may purchase $CYBER tokens.
  5. To receive an extra 3% point bonus, finish the $Cyber Launch Party missions.
  6. Six daily check-ins are eligible for an extra 0.1% booster each.
  7. Get 5% from second-degree referrals and 15% from direct stake points.
  8. Steakers will receive $CYBER tokens based on how many points they have after the mainnet launches.
  9. The formal statement is available here.

There are many more to come. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check our big list of hottest crypto airdrops.

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CyberConnect airdrop
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CyberConnect - Project information:

Total supply: 1,000,000 CYBER