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Tari Protocol
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Tasks for Tari Protocol airdrop:

Ticker: XTM

Platform: OWN

Publish date: May 17, 2024

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How to get Tari Protocol airdrop:

Tari, supported by Pantera Capital and Multicoin Capital, has developed the Airdrop Game. Users can accumulate “gems” to be eligible for the XTM airdrop when the token launches. Register for the airdrop and do basic tasks to win gems. Get 1,000 diamonds for each referral. They have confirmed that the gems would be converted to XTM tokens once the claim goes live.

@tari’s airdrop game is your chance to be early and earn $XTM tokens via social quests👇

About Tari Protocol

Tari is a highly adaptable blockchain technology written in Rust. It is ultra-high performance, infinitely scalable, open source, and offers unique secrecy features that keep users safe and enable a wide range of new applications.

Tari is a new open source, digital assets focused blockchain protocol that is being architected as a merge-mined sidechain with Monero.

What are some specific applications for the Tari protocol?

The Tari protocol is being developed to simplify the issuance, management, and transfer of digital assets. Digital assets include tickets, loyalty points, in-game goodies, and crypto-native assets such as CryptoKitties.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Tari Protocol Airdrop

  1. Visit Tari’s airdrop page.
  2. Click “Log in with X” to connect your Twitter account.
  3. Complete the tasks to get points in the form of “Gems”.
  4. You must finish the first two tasks to be eligible for the airdrop.
  5. Also, receive 1,000 gems for each referral who signs up and completes the “Follow on X” task.
  6. You can also win “Turtle Shells” and “Sky Hammers” by possessing rare Gen 0 or Gen 1 Yats. Owning these will also boost your gems and airdrops.
  7. They have stated that they will airdrop $XTM tokens to users that participate in the airdrop campaign and acquire gems.
  8. For more information on the airdrop, visit this article.

💡 What’s the origin of the name “Tari”?

Tari literally means “newly minted money” in Arabic. It also refers to a small gold coin used in the Mediterranean from the 10th through the 14th centuries. Since it was lightweight and convenient to use compared with other coins of the time, it became a popular medium of exchange for everyday commerce. Similarly, we envision the new Tari protocol being commonly used to create and distribute digital assets of all types.

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Tari Protocol airdrop
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Tari Protocol - Project information:

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 XTM