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Nillion Network
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Publish date: June 5, 2024

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How to get Nillion Network airdrop:

Nillion has developed a four-phase strategy for deploying the Nillion Network. It is now in Phase 1, the Genesis Sprint, where users are invited to immerse themselves in the Nillion Genesis Testnet, also known as the Coordination Layer.

This is an incentivized testnet, as participants will be eligible for a retroactive airdrop of $NIL tokens following the TGE, rewarding their contributions to shaping the future of decentralized computation. Every great story has a fantastic beginning!

About Nillion Network

Nillion is a decentralized public network built on a new cryptographic primitive known as Nil Message Compute (NMC). Nillion enables nodes in a decentralized network to function in a unique, non-blockchain manner.

While Nillion provides a significant advancement over a precursor technique known as Secure Multi-Party Computation (SMPC), unlike SMPC, network nodes are not required to communicate with one another. Unlike blockchain, nodes do not use immutable ledgers to store transaction data.

Nillion Network is backed by HashKey Capital, Distributed Global, AU21 Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Inception capital,GSR and more.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Nillion Network Airdrop

Install Keplr wallet (if you don’t have it installed).

Add the Nillion test network to Keplr here:

Nillion Network airdrop


Go to the faucet page and request test tokens:

Nillion Network airdrop


Send test tokens to any address (you can use ours: nillion1mc4edm5ch7j85x34v332fm46ck96nx608slj6p)

Nillion Network airdrop


Find your transaction in one of the explorers (1, 2) and make sure everything is successful!

Zealy Tasks

Nillion has a campaign running on Zealy right now. Complete social tasks to participate in one of the first activities of the project.

  1. Go to the website and log in with your email
  2. Complete social tasks.

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Nillion Network airdrop
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