RIDO XHunt Airdrop



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Tasks for RIDO XHunt airdrop:

Twitter is required
LinkedIn is required

Ticker: RIDO

Platform: BNB

Publish date: May 8, 2024

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How to get RIDO XHunt airdrop:

Rido and BNB Chain Airdrop Total Reward: $5,000,000 $RIDO Tokens.

RIDO #XHunt Airdrop event intends to connect data from Web2 social platforms to Web3 addresses, easing the migration of Web2 recommendation algorithms to Web3. Consider each post as a potential mining pool, with each Xmining participant functioning as a miner. A maximum of 20 miners can mine per post.

About Rido XHunt

RIDO serves as the Web3 personal data layer for AI, enabling the next-generation trillion-dollar trusted data marketplace. Your data is transformed into a valuable asset, allowing you to manage and monetize it. We are beginning an airdrop campaign to assist the future development of RIDO. Now there are numerous ways to acquire $RIDO points, and all on-chain points will be mapped and converted into $RIDO future tokens.

RIDO consists of BAS (a BNB-based attestation server that provides a data standard and a bridge between web2 and web3), RIDO DAO (for governance and incentives), and Homo protocol (which deals with how to share income among users and data pricing).

Step-by-step guide on how to get RIDO XHunt Airdrop

  1. Visit https://mint.rido.io/airdrop to begin your mining experience!
  2. Connect your wallet to get started.
  3. Points can be earned by completing the “Connect Twitter & Follow RIDO” activity with minimal gas fees.
  4. Finish the “Add RIDO to Profile” assignment, which requires you to include @rido in your Twitter bio.
  5. Earn points by completing the “Verify Reputation” task with minimal gas fees .
  6. To get points, mine X.

The mining process is initiated by:

a. Select a post, quote or comment under the post and

must tagging @rido_crypto official account

must adding #AI or #web3 tags.

b. In a few minutes, Find X will display your tweet and you can claim points.

c. When a new miner begins mining (comment/rt/quote on the same tweet), the prior miner’s mining activity on that post ends; your points will be displayed on the Mine X page, and you can claim them. The earlier you collect prospective postings, the more $RIDO prizes you may receive.

Referral Task

Inviting one person earns 50 points for both the inviter and the invitee. The invitation is considered successful when the invited person completes at least the first task of binding Twitter.

See this page for further details on the testnet airdrop initiative.

There are many more to come. Stay Tuned and don’t forget to check our big list of hottest crypto airdrops.

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RIDO XHunt airdrop

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