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Ticker: RIZ

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: May 25, 2024

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How to get Rivalz airdrop:

The Rivalz Intel Incentivized Testnet is LIVE!

Take part in the AI revolution now!  Join to earn Testnet Points, giving you access to the $RIZ airdrop.

About Rivalz Network

Rivalz introduces an AI Intel Layer powering an ecosystem of modular AI-apps. A DePIN-based RollApp built on top of Dymension, using Celestia and Eigen.

Rivalz Network, backed by leading investors such as Delphi Ventures, Zee Prime, Stakewithus, Cogitent Ventures, D1, M6, 4RC, and GSR – is laying the foundations for the AI web3 landscape with their DePIN-based AI Intel Layer.

Rivalz Testnet Points & Airdrop

The “Rivalz Intel Testnet” event allows users to earn Testnet Points. These will have a direct impact on the Rivalz $RIZ airdrop, which is scheduled for the third quarter of 2024. High ranks on the leaderboard will be rewarded further.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Rivalz Airdrop
  1. Connect your wallet on the Rivalz Dashboard.
  2. Connect Wallet & Twitter to Get Bonus Points and 1.25x multiplier.
  3. Now Go to Socials Point ➡️ Connect Tweet & Discord.
  4. Go to Loyalty NFTs. Claim testnet $RIZ tokens and Mint 10x NFT Fragmentz Daily.
  5. Do Galxe quests.
  6. Go to the website and enter your email address to get on the whitelist.
  7. Join social farming campaigns on Twitter. Put @Rivalz_ai or $RIZ in your tweets. You will get points based on the amount of impressions. Head over to Rivalz Twitter and interact with any posts for additional points. Point distribution is completed weekly.
  8. You can also download & run rClient node (Only For PC users.) to get more points.
  9. You can skip Fragments Section tasks, those are for node sale discount.
  10. By participating in the referral you can earn 15% of referrals’ points and also 5% commission once your referral purchases a node during the whitelist event.

Read more about Rivalz Testnet.

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Rivalz Airdrop

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