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Glacier Network
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Ticker: GLC

Platform: CELESTIA

Publish date: May 13, 2024

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How to get Glacier Network airdrop:

Glacier Network has confirmed that they will conduct a $GLC airdrop. They are now running a campaign where users can claim an On-chain Achievement Token (OAT) and possibly get an airdrop. Glacier Network will also integrate Celestia as a modular network. As a result, Celestia $TIA stakeholders may also receive $GLC tokens.

What is Glacier Network?

Glacier Network intends to create a scalable and modular layer 2 data network for decentralized applications. It uses a variety of decentralized storage systems and rollup technologies to provide low-cost, dependable, and interoperable data services to web3 developers.

Glacier is the first data-centric blockchain to supercharge AI & DePIN at scale. Integrated with @BNBCHAIN, @Filecoin, @ArweaveEco, @CelestiaOrg, @babylon_chain.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Glacier Network Airdrop

  1. Connect to Glacier Network and receive FREE $GLC!! You will receive 10 FREE GLC! On the page, click “Launch App” to connect your wallet.
  2. Create a nameset. In the pop-up window, click “Create a Namespace” and give it a unique name. Sign the transaction. It doesn’t matter whatever chain you’re on because you’re not paying for gas.
  3. Create a Glacier dataset. In the same window, click “Create dataset”. Give it a unique name and then click “OK” to sign the transaction. Then, click on your newly formed dataset and fill up the name and field sections. Remember to click the check mark next to the description section as this is the node you will be adding, then click the “+” button. Fill up two lines. As you will need to insert two documents in step 4 below, you must repeat this step to create a total of two datasets.
  4. Invite friends. Invite your friends with your referral link. Keep in mind that your invitees will also need to establish a dataset and insert two documents.
  5. Complete the Galxe quests. Visit the Glacier Network Galxe Quest website and complete the tasks. These are primarily social tasks. Remember to claim your OAT!

💡Learn more about the Glacier Network point system on X Layer🔥

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Glacier Network airdrop
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