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Saltwater Games
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Platform: OWN

Publish date: May 29, 2024

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How to get Saltwater Games airdrop:

The $XR Quest Platform is live!⚡️

Experience true gaming immersion, complete missions, earn TXR, and redeem it for $XR token drops.

Saltwater Games has acquired $6M in funding from investors Deus X Capital and Fourth Revolution and has launched a points campaign.

About Saltwater Games

Pioneering gaming studio combining Web3, AI, and immersive tech to transform interactive entertainment with renowned IPs. Powered by $XR.

Saltwater Games is a cutting-edge gaming company and publisher that is redefining gaming experiences thanks to the convergence of immersive technology. Powered by the $XR token, the gaming ecosystem focuses on competitive community gaming, combining world-renowned IPs with digital experiences. It’s a web3 hub where gamers fight for rewards and governance, all powered by decentralized technologies.

Saltwater Games symbolizes an unmatched success in the underground Play2Impact game modification landscape in the 1990s, with the backing of prominent investors including 4th Revolution Capital, DeusX Capital, Primal Capital, Animoca Brands, UpsideDAO, Acacia Digital, and EthLizards.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Saltwater Games Airdrop

  1. Visit the Saltwater Games airdrop page.
  2. Submit your email and sign up.
  3. Verify your email address and log in.
  4. Now, join your Twitter account and begin fulfilling tasks.
  5. You’ll receive 1,500 tXR points.
  6. Enter “4d43b66c31” in the referral code area to get an extra 150 tXR points.
  7. Complete the remaining tasks to receive additional tXR points.
  8. Get 150 tXR for each referral.
  9. The tXR points will be converted to XR tokens once the token goes live.
  10. For additional details on the airdrop, see this page.

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Saltwater Games airdrop
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