Cura Network Airdrop



Cura Network (CUR)
Value: $45

Tasks for Cura Network airdrop:

Telegram is required
Twitter is required
YouTube is required

Ticker: CUR

Tokens per airdrop: 100
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Tokens per referral: 1 CUR = 0.45 USD
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Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: December 20, 2018

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How to get Cura Network airdrop:

  1.  Sign up for the website and verify your email
  2. Click on “Airdrop”.
  3.  Join Telegram group and post a constructive message in their group (+100 CUR for the first 5,000 participants) (mandatory)
  4. Complete any two of the following optional steps
  5.  Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet this tweet with the hashtag #CuraNetwork #CurToken
  6.  Follow them on Facebook, like and share this post with the hashtag #CuraNetwork #CurToken.
  7.  Subscribe to YouTube channel, like and share this video
  8. Submit your details to the airdrop page
  9. First 5,000 participants will receive 100 CUR tokens and the rest will receive an equal share of the total airdrop pool

? Total airdrop pool is 5,000,000 CUR tokens

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100 CUR

Cura Network (CUR) - Project information:

Cura Network is a global decentralized health system comprising of entities collaborating and sharing data with each other to promote, restore or maintain health. These entities are patients, specialists, providers, and third-party app developers. Patients will have exclusive ownership of their health data distributed and shared by other permissions entities. Patients can authorize or deny access to part or all of their health records. Cura Network introduces a decentralized storage of health data via a platform that guarantees data interoperability, fast and secure access, privacy and data portability while serving as a partial or whole data layer for third-party app developers to power their health service applications. Cura Network unites patients, specialists, researchers, insurance companies, developers etc. into a large global community.

ICO date: 14/04/2019

ICO token price: 1 CUR = 0.45 USD

Total supply: 500,000,000 CUR