November 21, 2020
State of the crypto airdrops for November 2020

State of the crypto airdrops for November 2020

Recently I have been publishing a lot of new, and great crypto airdrops. Excellent examples are Coinbase airdrops like Compound, Stellar, or EOS. You can find all of them on our website with a description of the project and a step-by-step guide on how to get them. Coinbase airdrops, for me, are textbook examples of how the airdrop needs to be executed. Coinbase, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, is the guarantor that airdrops are valid, well-executed, and that users will be paid. Another good thing is that coins and tokens are instantly available, and you will learn something about the various blockchain projects. It is a win-win situation! On these couple of airdrops, you could get more than $100 with referrals. Yes, you will need to do the KYC. Unfortunately, it is necessary, because airdrop tokens can be traded/converted immediately to another cryptocurrency or fiat asset. And the system cannot be abused with multiple accounts.

What are good crypto airdrops in November 2020?

Another example of a good airdrop is GoodDollar airdrop. GoodDollar is a promising blockchain project, founded by the CEO of the eToro platform. It proposes UBI (Universal Basic Income) for registered users, which will be daily distributed. Collateralized $G tokens from the yield farming on DeFi protocols on eToro are distributed to the registered users. GoodDollar is a non-profit and airdropped tokens can mean a huge difference to someone, in underdeveloped countries. Those kinds of projects will always be supported on

Another interesting project and airdrop from the past week is Helium airdrop, which is hosted on CoinMarketCap, and it is similar to the Coinbase airdrops. TomoChain airdrop is very interesting, but it is a holder airdrop. IQeon also seems like an interesting project and a good airdrop.

What are bad crypto airdrops in November 2020?

Now, I need to talk about bad airdrops. On other airdrops aggregator websites, I have seen a couple of airdrops that are very suspicious. One of the examples is Naker airdrop. The first impression is that it is a legit project. But then, I noticed small things like the project logo, for example. It is not professional that the project cannot provide a logo in a proper resolution. For me, that was the first warning flag. Then I started to read white papers. Nice looking papers, with more than 50 pages. But upon further investigation, I noticed that they are plagiarized from the VeChain whitepapers. And, the final warning is the website. I do not recommend going to it, and I will not post the link. Project information is hosted on the subdomain, while the main domain has an Ethereum Phishing Detector warning.

I have been in this space for some time now, and believe me you don’t want to waste your time on fake projects and airdrops. For now, the future of the airdrops seems to be excellently executed airdrops on Coinbase, and to a somewhat lesser extent, but still excellent CoinMarketCap airdrops. But you need to keep an eye on airdrops all the time. You never know when an incredible airdrop like Uniswap, which worths now more than 1,500 dollars, will be announced.

That is it for today. Stay safe and keep airdropping good and verified airdrops!

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