November 17, 2020
What are coinbase airdrops

What are Coinbase airdrops?

Coinbase is one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges and the largest US-based crypto exchange. It is second by the volume in behind of the untouchable In the past year or so, they have started with organizing airdrops. If you have participated in the Coinbase crypto airdrops from start you could have earned several hundreds of dollars by now.

Why are Coinbase airdrops so appealing and popular? 

Well, the interface is very nice and so easy to use. What is a good thing about Coinbase airdrops is that earned crypto tokens and coins are immediately available for use. You can convert them to your favorite cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Converting is another great feature on the Coinbase platform. It is almost instant and feeless. You can even cash out to fiat your newly earned airdrop tokens.

What are the requirements for participation in Coinbase airdrops?

It is understandable that all these great features, like instantly available airdrop tokes, converting to another crypto, or cashing out to fiat, must come with some requirements. 

Firstly you need to register at The process is simple and straight forward. Next, you will need to do the KYC. If you are new to crypto, you may ask what is “KYC”? KYC stands for Know Your Customer. To use all excellent features on Coinbase, you will need to prove your identity to them. This is usually done with your passport or driving license.

The importance of the KYC 

On our website, we are warning our users to be very careful with providing personal information on the Internet and while participating in the airdrops. And you should be careful because in the past there were several scam airdrops that were targeting KYC information to abuse users or to sell private information. 

Doing the KYC on Coinbase is perfectly safe and necessary. It is a perfect way to limit one participation in the airdrop per user. Also, it is very important for trading and cashing out cryptocurrencies, and it is the standard for protection and privacy in the industry. When cashing out the exchange must know that it is you behind your account and not some scammer with a stolen debit card. 

Why is Coinbase doing these airdrops?

First of all, airdrops are an excellent way of promoting blockchain projects. Coinbase has found a perfect concept for executing these airdrops. The interface is very nice and friendly, and to get an airdrop you have to answer a couple of questions about the blockchain project. You can guess infinitive times on a question, so it is stress-free. It is an excellent concept where users are learning about the blockchain project, getting free crypto, and projects are getting quality exposure. Some other companies like CoinMarketCap have started to follow it. 

What are good crypto airdrops on Coinbase?

There have been several great airdrops on in the past years. As previously mentioned you could have earned a couple of hundred dollars in crypto by now. 

Currently are active several crypto airdrops. The biggest one is Stellar airdrop, which you can also find on our website. You can get up to $50 in XLM coins if you are doing referrals. The other big airdrop is the Compound airdrop. The Compound is a popular DeFi (decentralized finance) protocol where users can stake or borrow various cryptocurrencies. It is an excellent airdrop where you can get up to $59 in COMP tokens, and you will learn how to get an interest for your staked crypto. Another great crypto airdrop organized by Coinbase is Band Protocol airdrop with up to $43 in BAND tokens to get. You can check cryptocurrency prices to see how much you have been airdropped.

There are several smaller crypto airdrops on Coinbase like Algorand (ALGO), Maker (MKR), or Celo (GOLD), and if you start now, you could get more than $100 in free crypto airdrop coins and tokens. 

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