Pangolin Airdrop

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Tasks for Pangolin airdrop:

Ticker: PNG

For holders of: UNI, SUSHI

Publish date: February 26, 2021

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How to get Pangolin airdrop:

Pangolin is a community-driven decentralized exchange for Avalanche and Ethereum assets with a fast settlement, low transaction fees, and a democratic distribution. Pangolin is powered by Avalanche blockchain.

Pangolin is airdropping 26,900,000 PNG tokens to all users who held UNI or SUSHI tokens on 7th December 2020. PNG tokens can be claimed on the Pangolin exchange until 10 March 2021.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Pangolin airdrop:

  1. To check how much you can claim go to this link end enter your address at the bottom of the page. Given value divide with 10^18 to calculate how many PNG tokens you will get. If you held 400 UNI airdrop at the time you will get around 80 PNG tokens
  2. Go to the Avalanche bridge page
  3. Connect your Metamask wallet where you held your UNI or SUSHI tokens during the snapshot date which occurred on 7th December 2020
  4. You will need gas to claim the airdrop 
  5. You will need to send at least 1 UNI or SUSHI to claim PNG tokens
  6. You can still claim even if you don’t have any UNI or SUSHI in your wallet by buying UNI or SUSHI tokens and send it for claiming PNG tokens
  7.  Select your destination address and complete the transaction. Select “I want to send funds to my address” so that the UNI or SUSHI crosses the bridge into the same address you control on the Avalanche network
  8. You will also need AVAX tokens for the transaction fee
  9. You will need an Avalanche address. You can create here
  10. Here are instructions on how to set up Metamask with Avalanche
  11. Finally, go to the airdrop page
  12. The total airdrop pool for UNI holders is 18.5 PNG tokens. The total airdrop pool for SUSI holders is 7.8 PNG tokens
  13. For more detailed instructions visit this guide and this Reddit post
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Pangolin Airdrop

Pangolin - Project information:

Total supply: 538,000,000 PNG