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Value: $20-100

Tasks for CryptoTanks airdrop:

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Ticker: TANK

Platform: BSC

Publish date: May 26, 2023

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How to get CryptoTanks airdrop:

CryptoTanks Hot Airdrop for Early Players 💥 

Legendary NFT game CryptoTanks launches on the mainnet and runs a community airdrop with a $3000 prize pool and 5 TANK NFT. The 90s tank game, so close and familiar to many of us, is now on-chain, giving everyone a chance to earn 100$+ for just playing. 

To celebrate a successful mainnet and 10,000+ active players, CryptoTanks are launching the second sizzling $3000 airdrop exclusively on Zealy. Do not miss your shot to pick at least 100$. Rewards will be shared to all the top contestants who have completed the tasks!

You can win $3,000 and one of the rare NFTs worth over $200 just by playing the game and completing simple tasks. Enter the contest and complete quests to enjoy the legendary game and get a free NFT tank worth $200+ and extra in-game XP! 

A $200+ NFT will also be raffled off among those who invite the most friends to Zealy. Invite people, for each invitation you will receive XP points. The more XP you earn, the better your chances of winning a rare $200 NFT. 

Join the airdrop:

  1. Go to the airdrop link
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Complete tasks to earn airdrop XP

Airdrop Pool: $3000 is divided into tiers based on leaderboard and engagement

  • $2000 between contest leaders
  • $1000 randomly to 50 lucky users
  • 4 NFTs to top-4 contestants
  • 1 rare $200+ NFT to inviter with the most invites score

Why do CryptoTanks do this airdrop?
CryptoTanks is a community focused game. The main goal is to increase the community and the number of players who will buy tokens and help the development of the project. Due to community, $TANK will grow even more, plus there will be game modes and rewards in the game!

CryptoTanks is a top GameFi project with over 100,000 players. This is not the first time the team has done an airdrop. In April, in $3000 airdrop people won from $100 to $250. $TANK token has already made x100 on MEXC and has solid growth potential. The team behind the project is experienced and knows how to grow the token, so you can definitely trust them. Join, get huge cash rewards and don’t forget to share this on your social media!

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CryptoTanks - Project information:

Total supply: 100,000,000 TANK