April 27, 2024
Injective airdrop ecosystem

Airdrop Guide for Injective ($INJ) Ecosystem Tokens

About Injective ($INJ)

Injective was launched in 2018 and is fostered by Binance Labs. They are created by a team that has extensive experience with blockchain technology and other closely similar technologies. Eric Chen, the company’s co-founder and CEO, is a protocol researcher at Investing Capital, while Albert Chon, the CTO, works as a software developer at Amazon.

Injective ($INJ) aims to create a truly free and inclusive financial system through decentralization. With the quickest blockchain designed for finance and plug-and-play Web3 modules, Injective’s ecosystem is reforming a broken financial system with dApps that are highly interoperable, scalable, and truly decentralised.

Top Injective ($INJ) Ecosystem Token Airdrops

Here are the top Injective ($INJ) ecosystem projects that offer token airdrops.

DojoSwap ($DOJO)

DojoSwap is an Injective decentralized finance platform where users can stake INJ tokens, offer liquidity, and get farm incentives. The native DojoSwap cryptocurrency, $DOJO, offers users rewards, staking possibilities, governance authority, and fee reduction advantages.

Users must create a web3 wallet, purchase INJ tokens, move them to the wallet, link the wallet to DojoSwap, stake INJ tokens, then farm rewards by staking the liquidity pool tokens on DojoSwap in order to get the DojoSwap airdrop. This will provide trading fees from the liquidity pool pair in addition to $POINTs that may be redeemed for $DOJO tokens.

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Black Panther Finance ($BLACK)

Black Panther Finance is an Injective protocol that allows users to generate more money from their digital assets by employing smart vaults that can trade them with a single click. The company has confirmed that they would conduct an airdrop by distributing POINT tokens on the Injective mainnet. These POINT tokens will then be used to unlock rewards once the $BLACK token is released.

By delegating the Black Panther Validator your $INJ tokens, you can receive the Black Panther Finance airdrop. Go to the Injective Hub and connect your wallet to accomplish this. Find the “Black Panther | Delegate for Claimdrop” validator. After selecting “Delegate Now,” click “Continue to Delegate.” Lastly, complete the purchase by entering the stake amount of around 3 INJ. But keep in mind that unstaking your $INJ on Black Panther Finance does require 21 days.

Hydro Protocol ($HDRO)

The Hydro Protocol ($HDRO) is the first and only native liquid staking protocol on the Injective Network. The $HDRO token airdrop contains three phases, the final of which is now active until January 31st, 2024. To get the airdrop, users must stake their testnet $INJ tokens with Hydro Protocol. They will then acquire hINJ tokens, which may be utilized across various DeFi protocols and gain staking incentives. Users must also participate in the platform’s numerous functions, including yield farming, auto-compounding, liquidity pools, governance, and exchanging. The airdrop amount will be determined by the moment and amount of staking.

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How to get a potential Injective ($INJ) ecosystem token airdrop

There are three main ways to get a potential Injective ($INJ) ecosystem token airdrop: staking on validators, mainnet interactions, and testnet interactions. Staking on validators will be the most common of these three ways for airdrop tasks.

To stake on validators or interact with the mainnet, you will require Injective $INJ tokens. Injective $INJ tokens are available for purchase on centralized exchanges like Bybit. Register for a Bybit account here!

Staking on validators

This is the injective ecosystem’s stake on validators.

Configure profiles for Chrome

After starting Google Chrome, select your profile image icon in the upper right corner of the window. Next, select the cog symbol that appears next to Other profiles. To name this profile, click the + sign in the Add box. To create each profile, follow the previously mentioned processes.

Install Keplr wallet onto Chrome profiles

To install the Keplr Browser Extension, visit the Keplr Chrome extension page and select “Add to Chrome.” This will install Keplr into each of the Chrome profiles.

Make and keep an Excel spreadsheet

Make sure you back up your private keys for each wallet and build a spreadsheet to help you manage your Chrome profiles and prevent money loss. Next, enter each wallet’s TIA, INJ, OSMO, and ATOM token addresses into the spreadsheet.

Deposit tokens into the primary Keplr wallet.
Transfer $INJ tokens to your main Keplr wallet.

Distribute $INJ to every wallet
Distribute around $6 INJ to each of these wallets.

Organise your Chrome profiles and Keplr dashboards
Open each of your Chrome profiles, with the Keplr dashboard open in each window.

Stake $INJ in Black Panther Finance
Connect your wallet to the Injective Hub, then locate the “Black Panther | Delegate for Claimdrop” validator. Click “Delegate Now” then “Continue to Delegate”. Stake roughly $3 INJ on the Black Panther validator. Repeat the process for each of your Chrome profiles.

Stake $INJ in Talis Protocol
Search for Talis Protocol on the Injective Hub. Click “Delegate Now” and stake about 2.95 $INJ on the Talis Protocol validator. Repeat the process for each of your Chrome profiles.

Interactions on the mainnet

To get a potential airdrop of Injective ecosystem tokens, follow these instructions for mainnet interactions:

  1. Deposit on Black Panther valuts
  2. Trade NFTs on Talis Protocol
  3. Deposit on Helix markets
  4. Farm on DojoSwap

DojoSwap is a decentralized finance platform on Injective, . In order to take part in the DojoSwap airdrop, users must first create a web3 wallet. After that, purchase INJ tokens, move them to your wallet, and link them to DojoSwap. Stake your INJ tokens there, and by staking the liquidity pool tokens on DojoSwap, you can farm rewards. This will provide trading fees in addition to $POINTs that may be exchanged for $DOJO tokens.

Connect your wallet to trade.blackpanther.fi in order to make deposits on Black Panther vaults. Deposit your $INJ in the vault of your choice. Stake the LP tokens that result after that. You will get Points for accomplishing this. To access your staked vault and retrieve your benefits, navigate there and choose “Stake > Claim Rewards.” Upon launch, you can use your Points to unlock the $BLACK token of Black Panther.

Visit talis.art and choose Injective as your preferred chain to trade NFTs on the Talis Protocol. Next, place a bid and flip some NFTs.

Helix is a decentralized exchange offering a continual airdrop! Connect your wallet with https://helixapp.com/. Navigate to the “Rewards->LP Rewards” tab. Choose the TIA/USDT market and deposit monies there. This enables you to receive $TIA and $INJ incentives. Helix recently received 2 million $PYTH, which will be awarded to early users! You can check your availability here.

Testnet interactions

Testnet interactions are an excellent method to engage in the Injective ecosystem airdrop if you don’t have any $INJ tokens or don’t want to invest any money. So this will really be a free airdrop! Here are some of the greatest protocols from the injective ecosystem that have incentivized testnet campaigns:

  1. Ninja Blaze
  2. Aeroscraper
  3. Hydro Protocol

However, before engaging in any testnet interactions, you must first obtain some testnet $INJ tokens. To obtain testnet $INJ tokens, link your wallet to https://inj-testnet.nept.finance/ and navigate to the “Faucet” tab. Enter your Injective address and click “Submit”. Within a few minutes, you will receive your testnet $INJ.

Ninja Blaze is a game within the Injective ecosystem. To join, link your wallet to https://testnet.blaze.ninja/ and set up a free account. Then, visit the Ninja Blaze Galxe page and complete the quests to receive their $SHU tokens. Then you can play the games on Ninja Blaze. Currently, they have two games available: Jackpot and Roshambo. Mint Ninja Blaze NFTs or purchase them through Talis Protocol.

Aeroscraper is a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol. Go to https://www.aeroscrapertest.tech and select “Launch app” to begin interacting with Aeroscraper. After connecting your wallet, choose Injective as your chain. Make a testnet $INJ deposit on the “Trove” page in order to borrow $AUSD as collateral. Next, to receive rewards, deposit the $AUSD into the Stability Pool.

The Injective Network’s first and only native liquid staking protocol is called Hydro Protocol ($HDRO). Users must use Hydro Protocol to stake their testnet $INJ tokens and experience the platform’s capabilities in order to be eligible for the airdrop.

Review of injective ecosystem airdrop

There are a few things to take into account while evaluating an airdrop. The first is the possibility that the project will never actually conduct an airdrop. Next, consider the project’s planned token allotment to airdrop campaigns and the challenges associated with airdropping tokens. In order to ensure that there is a legitimate use and purpose for taking part in the airdrop in the first place, it is also crucial to consider the token’s utility. Lastly, if there is a lockup term on the airdropped tokens, it is something to take into account while evaluating the airdrop.

  • Probability of airdrop: The Injective ecosystem has a large number of protocols, and more are constantly being introduced. Thus, the airdrop is constantly in progress!
  • Allocating tokens via airdrop: The protocol governs the distribution of tokens in the Injective ecosystem.
  • Airdrop difficulty: The level of difficulty varies since different Injective ecosystem projects conduct airdrops. Staking on validators would be the most challenging, but it might be as simple as using the testnet to play games.
  • Utility of the token: The Injective $INJ token is used to control exchange parameters, protocol upgrades, and the futures protocol (which includes new listings) on the Injective Chain. In addition to being utilized for governance, the INJ token is given out as compensation to anyone that create and support the development of dapps in the Injective.

There are many more to come. Stay Tuned and don’t forget to check our big list of hottest crypto airdrops.

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