YFDAI Airdrop

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Tasks for YFDAI airdrop:

Ticker: YF-DAI

Platform: ETHEREUM

For holders of: YFDAI

Publish date: March 14, 2021

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How to get YFDAI airdrop:

YFDAI is an entire permissionless DeFi ecosystem that combines Staking & Farming services and soon, Lending/Borrowing services, SafePredict, and Insurance together with their DEX called SafeSwap and their LaunchPad where legitimate projects in the DeFi space can launch their new vetted projects with contract audits, locked liquidity and locked dev tokens in time-release smart contracts. Whereas other DeFi protocols rely upon minting new tokens to sustain their staking and farming rewards, YFDAI has allocated tokens for these products which will be replenished with fees generated by the ecosystem. YFDAI also has a deflationary burn mechanism built into the platform that will ultimately reduce the total supply to just 13,950 tokens. YFDAI’s mission is to clean up the DeFi space by de-risking the purchase of new projects by performing due diligence vetting and requiring adherence to the same protocols that YFDAI itself adhered to on its launch. 

YFDAI airdrop is a holder airdrop. The total airdrop pool is 21,000,000 SSGT tokens. To get the airdrop you need to hold, stake, or farm YF-DAI tokens. 

Step-by-step guide on how to get YFDAI airdrop:

  1. Hold YF-DAI in a private wallet or stake or farm YF-DAI
  2. The first snapshot was taken on March 9th, 2021, and users who held YF-DAI during this time will receive SSGT in a ratio of 1 YF-DAI : 1250 SSGT and users who were staking or farming YF-DAI during this time will receive SSGT in a ratio of 1 YF-DAI : 1350
  3. Holders between March 9th, 2021 and March 16th, 2021 will receive SSGT in a ratio of 1 YF-DAI : 1100 SSGT and users who stake or farm during this time will receive SSGT in a ratio of 1 YF-DAI : 1150 SSGT
  4. Users who hold, stake, or farm YF-DAI after March 16th, 2021, will not be eligible for the airdrop
  5. The rewards will be equally distributed every month for six months
  6. SSGT holders who’ve not sold or moved SSGT during the six-month distribution period will receive a bonus of 5% of their total SSGT airdrop and YF-DAI stakers and farmers who’ve not sold, moved, unstaked, or not removed LP tokens from the farms will receive a bonus of 10% of their total SSGT airdrop. Bonus tokens will be distributed after the initial six-month distribution period
  7. Unclaimed SSGT from the airdrop pool will be distributed to the staking pool
  8. For more information about the YFDAI airdrop, see this Medium article
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YFDAI Airdrop

YFDAI - Project information:

Total supply: 210,000,000 YF-DAI