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Ticker: SYM

Platform: SOLANA

Publish date: May 22, 2024

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How to get Symmetry airdrop:

Introducing the Symmetry Points Program—a comprehensive system designed to reward users and creators for their active participation within the Symmetry ecosystem on @Solana.

By using our referral link you will get 1000 points you’ll get 1,000 points as a welcome gift. Using the protocol gets you more points.

Why Should You Look Out for Symmetry Crypto Airdrop?

Users can design their own cryptocurrency index or invest in one on this platform. It provides a decentralized crypto index managed fund architecture on @Solana through Symmetry Engine SDKs and on-chain applications. Since the manager has complete control over choosing, creating, and changing automation rules over time in response to changes in the market, the funds are actively managed.

About Symmetry

👉Symmetry TVL

Symmetry is an on-chain asset management platform that allows users to construct, manage, and trade tokenized baskets including different cryptocurrencies. The protocol allows for the creation and automation of both mutable and immutable baskets, as well as the combination of up to 15 assets with varying weights. For example, the Solana DeFi Index is a basket of the top Solana DeFi tokens ranked by market capitalization. Basket rebalancing, restructuring, and management are automated and carried out on the blockchain.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Symmetry Airdrop
  1. Visit Symmetry Airdrop page and claim Free 1,000 Points. Use Solana wallet.
  2. Deposit USDC into $WRAPS for Bonus Points.
  3. Create your own Bundle/Portfolio.
  4. Referral Boost: You earn 10% of the points earned by each user referred.

Claim Symmetry Airdrop in June 2024☔.

How it works

Here’s everything you need to know about Symmetry Baskets and how they work.

When someone creates a new basket, a unique address is assigned to that basket.

At any given time, a basket can contain up to 15 (including USDC) tokens in its composition with various target weights.

Example: a Solana LSD (ySOL) basket has 3 tokens in its composition with the following target weights: 45% mSOL, 45% jitoSOL, 10% bSOL.

After the initial deposit into the basket, the basket is assigned a nominal starting price of $100, which is used to track basket performance over time as composition tokens & their prices change. Therefore, a basket with a price $1,000 signifies a 10-fold increase in value from its inception.

💡 For more information on the airdrop, visit this 👉 article.

💡 If you do not have funds on the Solana network, you can buy Solana on Binance and withdraw it to your Solana wallet(Phantom, Jupiter), or you can bridge some ETH, USDT, USDC from any network to the Solana network using the Owlto Bridge.

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Symmetry airdrop

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