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Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: May 6, 2018

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How to get an airdrop:

  1. Join Telegram group
  2. Follow Twitter and retweet this post
  3. Go to the website and sign up (click on “Get tokens now”)
  4. Verify your email, and submit your details in the dashboard
  5. Refer to your friends to earn more tokens. It is not specified how nuch

Total airdrop poll is little less than $1,000,000 that will be equally divided to the all participants of the airdrop.

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SOCIFI (GIF) - Project information:

Our ultimate dream is for every smartphone owner to be able to install the SOCIFI Engagement Solution (SES) and cover their mobile data expenses by interacting with the sponsored content. Our mission is to unlock the potential of free ad-sponsored data and to help to create an open, transparent and fair marketplace. Sponsored Data can have a significant positive influence on economic growth, education and communication in human lives in both developed and developing markets, for consumers, small companies and large and corporate companies alike.
Good ICO ratings (4.2) on ICO bench from 5 experts.

ICO date: 15/05/2018

ICO token price: 1GIF = 0.00969635 USD

Total supply: 5,000,000,000 GIF