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Phala Network
Value: $2.5

Tasks for Phala Network airdrop:

Ticker: PHA

Tokens per airdrop: 30
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Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: December 11, 2020

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How to get Phala Network airdrop:

Phala Network is a protocol that preserves privacy for data-protection and blockchain smart contracts. Phala Network executes smart contracts while keeping the data secret. Confidential contracts run in miner nodes with capable trusted hardware (CPUs with SGX support). That guarantees that data from the smart contract will be secret and confidential. In Phala Network’s whitepapers is stated that requirements for such a protocol are: Confidentiality, Code Integrity, State Consistency, Availability, and Interoperability. Phala Network is built on Ethereum, and the PHA token is tradable.

Phala Network airdrop is not an easy, and definitely not a usual crypto airdrop. To participate in this airdrop you will need to set up your computer to run the Phala miner node. Firstly, you will need to check if your CPU supports SGX. Ubuntu (Linux) is recommended. You will need to edit BIOS and install SGX drivers. You can find detailed instructions on how to set up the Phala miner node on this page. For successful participation, you will get 30 PHA tokens, worth around $2.5. As it is mentioned, Phala Network airdrop is not an easy cryptocurrency airdrop, but you will learn something new if you choose to participate.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Phala Network airdrop:

  1. Go to the google airdrop form
  2. Set up the Phala miner node. Detailed instructions are on this page
  3. Download this file and run commands from the command line. Detailed instructions are on this page
  4. Submit a screenshot containing {"ok":true,"path":"/files/systemlogxxxxxxxxxx.tar"} as a proof
  5. Submit other details to the airdrop form
  6. You will be airdropped with 30 PHA tokens after Phala pre-mainnet Darth Vader launch
  7. To get more tokens you can participate in this mining airdrop
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Phala Network Airdrop
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30 PHA

Phala Network - Project information:

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 PHA