Pareto (PARETO)



Pareto (PARETO)
Value: $0.8
Referral: ?
Ends in 21 days


Telegram is required
Twitter is required

Ticker: PARETO

Tokens per airdrop: 400
WOW, such value!

Tokens per referral: 2500 (TOP 25)
WOW, such value!

Max. participants: 14,840

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: November 26, 2018

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How to get an airdrop:

  1. Chat with this Telegram bot
  2.  Sign-Up to KuCoin Exchange verify your email and activate 2FA verification
  3. Click on ‘GET PARETO REWARDS’ and complete all Bot steps
  4. Enter the same email address you signed up to KuCoin exchange
  5. Enter your twitter profile URL
  6.  Follow KuCoin on Twitter
  7.  Follow Pareto Network on Twitter.
  8. Click ‘CHECK’ on Bot’s menu.
  9.  Follow Eric Lamison-White on Twitter
  10.  Join KuCoin Telegram group
  11.  Join the Pareto Telegram channel
  12. You will be dropped with 350 PARETO tokens
  13. Click ‘Facebook’ on Bot’s menu
  14. Enter your Facebook page URL
  15.  Follow KuCoin on Facebook
  16.  Follow Pareto Network on Facebook
  17. Click ‘CHECK’ on Bot’s menu.
  18. You will be dropped with 50 PARETO tokens
  19. Top 25 referrals will get 2500 PARETO tokens each

💡 Total airdrop pool is 6,000,000 PARETO tokens (14,840 participants)
💡 Top #1000 on CoinMarketCap

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Pareto (PARETO) - Project information:

The Pareto Network is a service for incentivizing the generation and sharing of information about tradable opportunities in cryptocurrencies and related assets. It is designed to elevate information about market inefficiencies and promote more accurate price discovery. What that means is that it should steer the markets toward the correct pricing of these assets. It replicates the function of research desks at investment banks, providing a flow of information that anyone can access, and aligns economic incentives to promote that reality.

ICO token price: 1 PARETO = 0.066 USD

Total supply: 500,000,000 PARETO