Olife (OLIFE)



Olife (OLIFE)
Value: $2.6
Referral: $0.4


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Ticker: OLIFE

Tokens per airdrop: 6 + 1
WOW, such value!

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: August 16, 2018

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How to get an airdrop:

  1.  Chat with the Telegram bot
  2.  Join their Telegram group (+2 OLIFE)
  3.  Follow them on Twitter (+2 OLIFE)
  4.  Follow them on Facebook (+2 OLIFE)
  5. Submit your details to the bot
  6. You will be dropped with 6 OLIFE tokens
  7. For every referral you will get 1 OLIFE tokens
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Olife (OLIFE) - Project information:

The Olife platform believes in the use of blockchain technology to propel the messaging ecosystem and industry into the future. In decentralized networks, generated economic value and governance are distributed among the network’s stakeholders. Continued engagement with the service will then be promised, creating a self-propagating, self-sustaining ecosystem that universally benefits businesses and end-users.

ICO date: 5/06/2018

ICO token price: 1 OLIFE = $0.44

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 OLIFE