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Mode Season 2
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Publish date: July 4, 2024

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How to get Mode Season 2 airdrop:

Mode Season 2 is live!

Mode season 2 introduces mode token multipliers, blue-chip applications such as Velodrome and Balancer, and new assets such as Ethena’s USD and SUSDE. 500,000,000 (5% of mode supply) has been allocated to the season 2 airdrop, which runs, from May 5th to September 6th, 2024.

About Mode

Mode is an Ethereum layer-2 blockchain geared for rapid growth. Mode is built on Optimism’s OP Stack, which enables rapid application creation and deployment of EVM-compatible apps. Mode’s mission is to allow developers and consumers to build a world-class application ecosystem while being directly rewarded for their contributions through referral and contract-secured revenue.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Mode Airdrop

👉 Visit the MODE airdrop page.

Up to 5x Rewards—Here’s a guide to understand all the Mode Points Multipliers going forward.

Assets on Mode and Asset Multipliers

All users on Mode get 70.5 points per ETH or $ equivalent indexed token per week.

Assets on Mode:

  • 2x Mode Points – $MODE
  • 1.2x Mode Points – ezETH, weETH.mode, MBTC, rsETH, STONE/CSTONE
  • 1x Mode Points – All other assets shown on the Mode Dashboard

Dapp and Asset Mode Points Multipliers

Users on Mode can earn multipliers on base asset points when they add assets to applications that are shown on the Mode Dashboard.


  • 5x Mode Points – All $MODE pools + ETH/USDC pair
  • 3x Mode Points – All other DEX Liquidity Pools

Lending Protocols:

  • 3x Mode Points – All $MODE pools
  • 2x Mode Points – All other lending pools

 $MODE Staking Multipliers

  • If users stake $MODE greater than 50% of the value of their total Assets on Mode (updated daily) – they will receive a 1.5x multiplier on all Mode Points
  • If users stake $MODE greater than 25% of the value of their total Assets on Mode (updated daily) – they will receive a 1.25x multiplier on all Mode Points
  • e.g. if the user had a portfolio value of $100k on Mode today, they would need to stake $25k or more of $MODE to be eligible for the 1.25x multiplier.

Transaction Fee Points

Users receive Mode Points for transaction fees paid on Mode. These fees are calculated by the gas spent when interacting with protocols to trade, swap, stake, lend and mint on Mode.

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Mode Season 2 airdrop
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Mode Season 2 - Project information:

Total supply: 500,000,000 MODE