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Maester Protocol (MAP)
Value: ?

Tasks for Maester Protocol airdrop:

Telegram is required
Twitter is required
Reddit is required
BitcoinTalk is required
LinkedIn is required

Ticker: MAP

Tokens per airdrop: EQUAL SHARE
WOW, such value!

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: November 17, 2018

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How to get Maester Protocol airdrop:

  1. Go to the google airdrop form
  2.  Join Telegram group and post a constructive message
  3.  Follow them on Twitter. Retweet the pinned post and tag 3 friends
  4.  Like Facebook page
  5.  Follow them on Medium and clap/comment this article
  6. Like and comment on their blog post
  7.  Subscribe to the subreddit
  8.  Follow them on Instagram
  9.  Follow them on LinkedIn
  10.  Post a constructive comment on this Bitcointalk thread
  11.  Post proof of participation to this Bitcointalk thread
    #proof of authentication
    Bitcointalk Username:
    Telegram Username:
  12.  Sign up for the whitelist
  13.  Fill out the airdrop form
  14. You will get an equal share of the airdrop pool

? Total airdrop pool is 100,000 MAP tokens

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Maester Protocol (MAP) - Project information:

Maester protocol is the first of its kind blockchain based protocol built to enable on-demand consulting. It allows users to quickly search for skilled professionals, talk to them instantly and pay automatically based on their consultation time at virtually zero cost. While it enables professionals (or ‘Maesters’) to build their reputation and lets them easily monetize their following without having to worry about payments, frauds or identity thefts, it also saves millions of man-hours of knowledge seekers who can improve their work efficiency by consulting verified Maesters, on-demand. Not only does the Maester protocol solves the problem of an existing digital consulting market for people from knowledge based industries, but also it has the power to create a brand new and much bigger market by enabling skill based experts to monetize their skills or passions. Maester protocol empowers every user on its platform to become financially independent and self-reliant thereby fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship. Anyone can be a Maester and earn more with Maester Protocol.

ICO date: 2/01/2019

ICO token price: 1 MAP = 0.1 USD

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 MAP