Genexi Airdrop



Genexi (GEN)
Value: $0.5+0.3

Tasks for Genexi airdrop:

Telegram is required

Ticker: GEN

Tokens per airdrop: 50 + 30
WOW, such value!

Max. participants: 35,000

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: May 15, 2018

Check/uncheck this airdrop as DONE

How to get Genexi airdrop:

  1. Chat with Telegram bot
  2. Join Telegram group
  3. Input “/add_email” to submit your email
  4. Input “/add_eth” to submit your ETH address
  5. You will be dropped with 50 GEN tokens
  6. For every referral you will get 30 tokens, and for their referrals you will get 20 tokens

Solid project, good ICO ratings but not very valuable.

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Genexi (GEN) - Project information:

GENEXI is a biotech accelerator that operates both as a platform and foundation supporting researchers and entrepreneurs in the field as well as further developing biotech community. GENEXI combines the expertise of renowned specialists in the biotech industry to create a thriving ecosystem for biotech strartups and established pharmaceutical companies of different sizes and levels of operation. GENEXI Foundation is an organisation employing a wide range of high-profile biotech professionals to provide manual heuristic analysis for the most detailed venture assessment and evaluation. GENEXI Foundation will use its expertise and funds to select the most promising biotech startups for grant awarding. GENEXI Platform is an innovative solution provided by the GENEXI Dev Team for the e-commerce market in order to support GENEXI Ecosystem development. The Platform will unite biotech producers, distributors, retailers and end-consumers in one blockchain-based solution operating as a global ecosystem. There are several fundamental issues in the biotech industry, such as quality assurance, counterfeiting, research intransparency. The problems caused by the intermediaries cannot be ignored either. GENEXI is determined to bring about a holistic solution in the form of a transparent and comprehensive blockchain-based ecosystem on to the market. Within GENEXI Ecosystem such entities as biotech start-ups and projects will be able to find financlial and advisory support to establish or scale-up their production and then enter the GENEXI Platform Marketplace, distributors will be able to provide their services and build networks with vendors, while regular customers will gain an access to complete immutable data about the products. At the same time, third-party service providers will be able to present their support to other participants within the ecosystem. All the economic interactions within the ecosystem, such as payments, transactions, cashback programs will use the GEN token as its core currency. GENEXI is also integrating its know-how solution for shipment tracking, QA and Authenticity Verification in order to fight counterfeit, fraud and quality manipulation. Such blockchain-based solutions will be incorporated into every stage of production and shipment process to ensure full transparency of the product delivery and distribution.

ICO date: 1/06/2018

ICO token price: 1 GEN = 0.01 USD

Total supply: 12,000,000,000 GEN