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Publish date: July 10, 2024

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How to get Fuel Network airdrop:

Become an early contributor to the Fuel network and earn rewards through the Fuel Points Program.

About Fuel Network

@fuel_network is a permissionless & trustless layer-2 protocol for Ethereum, targeted at low-cost high-throughput value-transfer transactions.

Fuel is focused on building the fastest execution layer for modular blockchains. It is essentially a verifiable computation system designed for the modular blockchain stack. This system is based on a fraud- or validity-provable blockchain or other computation system that leverages a modular blockchain for data accessibility.

Fuel Labs recently raised $80 million from backers including CoinFund, Maven 11 Capital, Blockwall and others. Users who interact with the platform by downloading their wallet, interacting with their dapps, and bridging assets will receive an airdrop in the near future.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Fuel Network Airdrop

  1. Visit the Fuel Network Airdrop Page.
  2. Deposit one of the assets (ETH, WETH, eETH, rsETH, rETH, wbeETH, USDT, USDC, USDe, sUSDe, ezETH and stETH) and get points for it. They will  be converted into tokens in the future.
  3. Visit the Fuel Guild page and claim all available roles.

Creating and funding a wallet

In order to begin using the Fuel Network’s Beta-5, you need to download and install the Fuel Wallet.

  • If you are a Chrome user, you can access the Fuel Wallet extension at this link. If you’re using a different web browser, begin by visiting this link.
  • Once you’ve completed the download of the wallet extension, you’ll be automatically directed to a new page. If you’re new to the ecosystem, opt for “Create New Wallet.” If you’re updating an existing wallet, select “Import Seed Phrase” to restore your current wallet.

Important:It’s crucial to safeguard your seed phrase and refrain from sharing it with anyone else.

Fuel Public Testnet

  • Request Fuel test tokens here and ETH test tokens on the Sepolia network here.
  • Go to the bridge page and bridge some funds from the Sepolia network to the Fuel Testnet network.

Open the “Withdraw” tab and withdraw your funds back.

Fuel Connectors

Fuel has launched Fuel Connectors, which is an add-on for fuels SDK that allows users to use their EVM wallets to sign transactions on the Fuel Network. In this step, we’ll interact with Fuel Connectors.

  • Go to the website and connect your EVM wallet.
  • Click “Get tokens” and request test tokens from the faucet.
  • Enter your Fuel wallet address (which you created in the previous steps) and send some test ETH to it.
  • Check your Fuel wallet and make sure the tokens have arrived.

SwayFarm Game

SwayFarm is a simple farming game developed on the Fuel Network.

  • Go to the website and connect your Fuel Wallet.
  • Sign the transaction to get farm coins, which will be needed for farming activities in the game.
  • Grow vegetables and sell them.

Thunder NFT Marketplace

  • Thunder is the first NFT marketplace on Fuel Network.
  • Go to the Thunder website and connect your wallet.
  • Select your favorite NFT and click “buy now”. You will need some ETH on the fuel network. Buy and sell on the Thunder NFT Marketplace to be active in Fuel Beta-5.

Fuel Name Service

Fuel Name Service, created by the ecosystem builder team at Fuelet Wallet, holds a vital position within the Fuel ecosystem. To claim a domain, follow the instructions below.

  • To get started, install Fuelet Wallet. Specify a password and save the mnemonic.
  • Go to the website and ensure that your desired domain name is available.
  • If it is available click “Register for 1 year” and confirm the transaction. Done!

Bridge your funds

To make a deposit into the Fuel network, we will use the official bridge. To do this, you need to get some test ETH in the Sepolia test network.

  • Go to the Alchemy’s Sepolia Faucet or the Sepolia PoW Faucet and get some Sepolia ETH.
  • Make a deposit to the Fuel network and confirm the transaction (It may take some time).
  • To withdraw test ETH from Beta-5, go to “Withdraw from Fuel” input the desired amount, and sign the transaction. Keep in mind that it may take longer than usual, possibly several hours, for your test ETH to be available on the Sepolia testnet (it may take several hours).

To ensure your participation, always verify your involvement through our official airdrop page.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to check out our big list of the hottest crypto airdrops.

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Fuel Network Airdrop
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