November 19, 2021

PuddingSwap Launches “Super Chef” NFT to Increase More Revenue & Show Cooking Skills

According to the official news, PuddingSwap NFT cards, the initial DEX project of HSC Hoo Smart Chain, was officially opened for sale on November 15.

Pudding Dessert Empire” NFT module launched by PuddingSwap will provide users with 8 blind boxes of “Super Chef” character NFT cards. The NFT character cards drawn by users through the blind box can be pledged to the locked pool for additional revenue and will subsequently be bound to the “chef profession” to participate in making puddings and earning “pay”. In addition, this module gradually adds NFT raw material, NFT cooking utensils, cooking match mode, dessert court of NFT trading platform and other sections.

The year of 2021 witnesses a concentrated booming stage of NFT. The phenomenal growth achieved by NBA Top Shot at the beginning of this year officially kicked off the NFT boom, while the explosion of chain tours represented by Axie Infinity has brought the whole NFT market to a new height of fervor.

From digital collectibles to game items to the “social currency” represented by NFT avatar series, all of them can be visualized as a permanent NFT asset on the chain. At the same time, the wealth effect of “earn while you play” of chain games has created more waves among game lovers and investors.

NFT products starting from “Cryptokitties”, allows the public to understand and first encounter the charm of NFT collectibles. Now the technology of NFT has gradually matured. And the market gradually began to expand to the outside, which is not limited to a small number of people’s revelry, resulting in more distinctive NFT works.

Innovation evolves with the times. Is there more room for NFT, just as DeFi, to combine and get a 1+1>2 effect? PuddingSwap has made some attempts along this line. It is trying to open up a wider imagination for users through the combination of “NFT cards” and “earn while you play”. 

PuddingSwap Pudding Dessert Empire, marked as a NFT card game with the theme of baking pudding, will provide players with eight “Super Chef” cards. Users can use pledges to draw NFT cards to add to the locking pool revenue, and subsequently will also be bound to the “chef profession” to participate in pudding production to earn “pay”, and gradually add raw materials NFT, cooking utensils NFT, cooking match mode, food court NFT trading platform and other segments.

Cards are set as follows:

Rarity: (from common to rare)
Squirrel < Rabbit < Cat < Dog < Fox < Koala < Panda < Tiger
Locked earnings bonus: (in order of IP characters, one by one)
Squirrel< Rabbit< Cat< Dog< Fox< Koala< Panda< Tiger
5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 50%
Number of cards:(Total 2000)
400 600 400 300 200 65 32 3
Card level: all default Level 1

Subsequent synthesis Level 2 will come with new attributes, such as cooking and combat attributes, etc.

How do you play the fun and creative Pudding Dessert Empire?

Output of raw materials 

Players can choose to do liquidity or single coin pledge to independently output raw materials, such as milk, eggs, matcha, cherries, etc. needed for baking pudding. Also, PuddingSwap may airdrop some of the raw materials to some cross-chain addresses. After getting the corresponding raw materials, the chef can use it to make pudding.

PuddingSwap will provide players with the appropriate recipe to assist users in baking the pudding, such as stirring, cooling, heating, etc. For example, the process of stirring is the attribute of NFT synthetic assets. Players pledge milk and egg cards to the pool of stirring at the same time, and after a few hours these two cards will synthesize another card.

Pudding circulation mechanism

Different flavors of pudding produced by players also correspond to different expiration dates, such as: matcha pudding is valid for three days. Within those three days, users can sell in the secondary market. Due to the circulation of pudding in the market, the price will change significantly. PuddingSwap has a recycling mechanism for expired puddings, which allows users to recycle expired patches. PuddingSwap builds recycling buckets and returns the relevant part of assets.

Post a dessert order

Orders are posted randomly by contract, and rewards are automatically matched by contract.

Chef Properties

Panda chef stirring things is relatively poor, but the heating patch will generate accelerated talent, which can give him a lot of baking hidden attributes, empowering the chef function.

Kitchen equipment system and attack & defense system

Some NFT cookware launched by PuddingSwap, or blind box pre-sale and other forms of release have two purposes: one is in order to increase the chef’s own baking ability, and the second is to enhance the value of cooking.

After equipping the cookware, each chef’s attributes and roles will have different settings, and the chef image will be upgraded. The chefs can join the cooking match system for team battles after improving their abilities. Different cards will have different cooking values and defense values.

Pudding Dessert Empire Vision

Pudding Dessert Empire, as a game adopting NFT + cooking and baking, has been distinguished from other chain games on the market since its creation. First, from the perspective of NFT, NFT itself represents the irreproducible and inseparable uniqueness. When used in the game props, it has certain definite right properties.

Moreover, Pudding Dessert Empire also incorporates DeFi gameplay, where players need to put NFT cards into a mining pool for pledging to get raw materials. Meanwhile, Pudding gamified this act to make this pledging act more interesting. It can be expected that the Pudding Dessert Empire will create a wave in the NFT game sector.

Pudding Dessert Empire initially focuses on baking pudding, and subsequently aims to radiate different forms of food and beverage to create an exclusive pudding dessert empire IP. This concept also is in accord with the development concept of Hoo Smart Chain, which is to create a visual public chain development model. Pudding Dessert Empire adds as many character systems as possible, in which players can achieve an overall experience through playing, creating, entertaining, displaying, socializing and trading.

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