September 16, 2019

Brave Browser – a revolution in advertising

Brave Browser is a Brendan Eich’s, and Brian Bondy’s project. Both of them are Mozilla project developers and true pioneers of the web. Brendan also developed a widely popular JavaScript programming language. Cryptocurrency airdrop for Brave and Basic Attention Token airdrop is also available on our page.

Brave is a free, open-source browser (a competitor to the most popular Chrome) that aims to protect the privacy of users and block unwanted advertising.

Brave browser

Brave comes in both desktop and mobile versions. Brave Browser was created in 2015 and runs on the Chromium (open-source) platform (on the same platform as popular Chrome browser), which allows it to support all Chrome extensions available for the Chrome browser.

Standard search engines, without your permission, collect your personal information, your online habits, and use that information to make a profit, constantly pushing huge amounts of ads in front of you, leaving you with zero control over any part of the process.

Brave protecting data
Trading your personal information

brave privacy

To protect yourself from advertisements and to block unwanted content there are numerous adblocker programs and Chrome and Firefox extensions that can be installed in the browser
However, all these add-ons work only partially, and since they are not an integral part of the browser, they slow down the search engine performance and further consume your computer’s resources.

As the Brave browser was initially developed to protect your privacy, it is its basic property and it does it smoothly and flawlessly.

Brave AdBlocker
Brave AdBlocker

The fact that Brave was developed on Chromium (open-source) platform, enables all existing Chrome browser users to effortlessly migrate from Chrome to Brave. In this way, Brave has kept the good sides of today’s most popular Chrome; usability and a familiar user interface while added a noticeable increase in speed and blocking unwanted ads.

Brave block ads

Another important feature of Brave Browser is the integration of the BAT (Basic Attention Token) wallet into the browser, which enables it to make payments between users. BAT (Basic Attention Token) is a decentralized cryptocurrency introduced in 2017 as a token on the Ethereum blockchain. BAT is a cryptocurrency that does not use its blockchain to operate but exists within another blockchain – we call such cryptocurrencies tokens.

BAT is designed to be a means of payment between content creators, advertisers, users, and the Brave. BAT system is a whole new revolutionary way of distributing and using online ads.

So far, in the traditional model, advertising worked (with the help of a search engine) by using every possible way to display as many ads as possible while users were protecting themselves from ads using more and more ad blockers. This situation suits no one and is becoming unsustainable. Brave has turned this existing way of advertising upside down. Thanks to the internal payment system, Brave offers a model where all parties: advertisers, content creators, users, and the Brave platform benefit.

Brave browser logo

In the new model, all ads are initially blocked by Brave, and users are left with the option of showing only the ads they want and that interest them. For displaying ads, users are rewarded with BAT tokens that they can redeem or donate.

Publishers and content creators on the Internet (bloggers, YouTubers…) are also happy with this model because it brings them higher revenue, since the audience is financially motivated to watch ads on their content, and thus the value of their content increases.

Creators are additionally rewarded through a donation system, as any creator on the Internet can apply to become a verified Brave creator, allowing them to receive donations (BAT tokens) from users who like the content (users earn BAT tokens by watching ads).

Advertisers are now sure their ads will not be blocked, and their ads will be shown exactly to the right engaged audience that will indeed watch their ads. In this way, advertisers increase the effectiveness of their ads.

Brave gets its share as a percentage of the amount paid by advertisers. Brave pays users (in BAT tokens) 70% of the amount received for watching ads while retaining the remaining 30% to keep the platform running.

It’s important to say that the complete job of matching available ads to your browsing habits is done within the browser itself on your computer.
Your data never leaves your computer/cellphone and is not stored in any databases, and thus not sold to advertisers nor it is subjected to hacking, as is the case with other search engines.

This kind of advertising model is a shift away from the existing system with the utmost respect for user privacy. This unique system brings newly created value back to the ones that are making it – to the users.

In addition to web sites, creators of other web content (Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, Youtube…) can log in and become verified, there are currently more than 228,000 such verified creators, and this number is constantly growing. April 2019, data shows there are over 5.8 million Brave search engine users – a respectable figure for the project at a still early (beta) stage.

Brave verified publishers growth
Brave verified publishers growth

To provide users with an additional layer of protection, Brave also offers a standard search in the “new incognito window” “A new anonymous window utilizing #Tor Network”, assigning a user a new anonymous window with the unique IP address that provides an additional layer of privacy protection. You can learn more about the Tor Network at

Please note that Brave is still a project in early development so that full functionality worldwide can be expected in phases. Currently, the monetization feature is available in the US, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK, while the rest of the EU and other countries are still to be included. My personal experience using Brave Browser is awesome. I have been using Brave every day for over a year now. Immediately after installation and startup, I noticed a difference in speed with both desktop and mobile versions. Aside from the speed of startup and startup, you will find that there are zero ads, it even blocks the ads that couldn’t be blocked with the usual ad blocks.

Brave ads shield
Brave ads shield

I have experienced that Brave blocks ads and other scripts so well that I had to disable its protecting feature on several websites to enable the popup screens and other page elements that were otherwise blocked. However, this is only a minor drawback and it’s an easy fix, just a single mouse click. Brave will show you the number of ads blocked in each new tab you open, and also will calculate the time it saves you by using it and not dealing with ads.

Brave browser user stats
Brave browser user stats has become one of the 29,000 verified Brave webpages. When you visit the verified webpage with the Brave browser you will see a blue checkmark on the right side of the address bar with the BAT icon. Click on the BAT icon will open a box indicating that you are on a Brave verified web address.

Try the free Brave browser today and enjoy the internet without ads.

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