ArtPro (APT)



ArtPro (APT)
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Ticker: APT

Tokens per airdrop: EQUALLY DIVIDED
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Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: August 27, 2018

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How to get an airdrop:

  1.  Join Telegram group and post a constructive message
  2.  Follow them on Twitter
  3.  Fill out the google airdrop form
  4. You will be dropped the equal share of the total airdrop pool

⚡ Total airdrop pool is $200k in APT tokens

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ArtPro (APT) - Project information:

The Art of blockchain ArtPro makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell art over the web. A user-friendly platform harnesses the many benefits of blockchain technology, enabling ArtPro to restore the trust that has long been missing from the art industry. Instead of relying on third party authenticators, ArtPro favours a consensus mechanism that delivers a secure, decentralized system. ArtPro is creating the go-to marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists, with a strong focus on emerging talent. The ArtPro platform will open the art world to the masses, making it possible for anyone to discover and purchase fine art online without the excessive fees, intermediaries, and steep learning curve that have traditionally made art available to only to the privileged and the well-connected. Certificates of provenance, stored on the blockchain, attest to the authenticity of each artwork on the ArtPro platform, but that is only the beginning.

ICO date: 5/11/2018

ICO token price: 1 APT = 0.15 USD

Total supply: 500,000,000 APT