APIS Airdrop



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Value: $1

Tasks for APIS airdrop:

Telegram is required
Twitter is required

Ticker: APIS

Tokens per airdrop: 300
WOW, such value!

Max. participants: 20,000

Platform: QTUM

Publish date: May 15, 2018

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How to get APIS airdrop:

Airdrop 1:

  1. Join Telegram group
  2. Follow them on Twitter
  3. Submit your details to the airdrop form
  4. You will be dropped with 300 APIS

Airdrop 2:

  1. APIS is airdropping a total of 82,488,000 APIS tokens in two phases to users who hold a minimum of 88 APIS for phase 1 and 888 APIS for phase 2 in their Bit-Z exchange wallet
  2. The snapshot for the phase one airdrop will occur at 12:00 p.m, June 6th (UTC +8) and a total of 32,995,200 APIS will be equally shared among all the participants
  3. The snapshot for the phase two airdrop will occur at 12:00 p.m, June 13th (UTC +8) and a total of 49,492,800 APIS will be equally shared among all the participants
  4. The tokens will be airdropped within 24 hours after the snapshot
  5. You need to complete Level 3 certification at Bit-Z to be eligible for this airdrop
  6. For more info visit this Medium post

Goldbar event:

  1. Top 31 traders with the highest amount of trade between June 20th – June 25th can win free Gold
  2. The user with the highest amount of trade will get 8.88oz of Gold bar
  3. From 2nd to 31st top traders will get 1 gold coin each
  4. For more info visit this Medium post
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300 APIS

APIS (APIS) - Project information:

APIS adds value to the existing cryptocurrency ecosystem by allowing easy entry and exit to masternode rewards. The majority of people owning cryptocurrency in the current market keep them in exchanges and often have no idea what a masternode is. If understood correctly, masternode investment can be very helpful and useful for those who are not very familiar or knowledgeable about plain trading. Masternode does not require much skills in investing so long as it is set up and is maintainable, because its rewards are automatically given. However, the problem with the current cryptocurrency market is that 1) People do not know what masternode is, 2) even if they do know about masternode, individual investors usually do not have enough money to form a masternode by oneself, 3) those investors still have to overcome technical barriers if they were to initiate a masternode of their own. APIS aims to provide answers to these questions by informing people about the concept of a masternode, helping them invest with relatively low principle investment, and aiding individuals to form a masternode by helping them with technical difficulties. By doing so, APIS will be able to bring about more people’s participation to the world of cryptocurrency as well as the world of masternode. In order to do so, APIS provides two solutions: first, the APIS native QRC-20 token that carries value within the APIS ecosystem to allow people's entry into pools of different masternode-capable coins; second, the online website and mobile application that facilitates easy setup of masternode through the use of APIS tokens. With the entire system in place, investors will be able to get APIS token as much as they want to invest in a specific masternode pool and gain principle plus the appropriate share of the block reward after the reward cycle with the relative ease of a few clicks.

ICO token price: 1QTUM = 5,000APIS

Total supply: 9,520,000,000 APIS