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Plair (PLA)
Value: $6
Referral: $4.5

Tasks for Plair airdrop:

Telegram is required
Twitter is required
KYC is required

Ticker: PLA

Tokens per airdrop: 35000
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Tokens per referral: 25000
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Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: March 6, 2019

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How to get Plair airdrop:

  1.  Sign up for the OceanEx exchange, verify your email and login
  2. Click on ”Settings” at the top left of the page and complete the KYC
  3. Go to the airdrop page to upload any picture of the game you like to create your Wanted Poster
  4. Share the poster on Twitter with the ”Name of the game in your poster”, ”The time you played it” with hashtag #WinPLAonOceanEx,@OceanexOfficial, and exchange link: https://oceanex.pro/. These postings need to be up for the entire competition period and generate at least 5 likes
  5. Share the poster in any Telegram group with no less than 500 members other than OceanExOfficial and Plair
  6. Fill out the airdrop form
  7. Invite your friends to register an OceanEx.pro account and to complete KYC via your Referral ID shown on the Wanted Poster
  8. Tokens will be distributed 7 days after the end of the campaign

? For more info about the airdrop go to this page
? Top 500 on CoinMarketCap

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35000 PLA

Plair (PLA) - Project information:

Plair is a video-gamer-focused public blockchain platform built to serve and improve the gaming experience and lifestyle. We intend to establish and grow a community space where gamers can not only engage with one another through on- and offline events and tournaments, but where they will have access to tools that will allow them to earn a sustainable living and forge a career path in video game play. The Plair platform will reward and empower every member of the video gaming community, both socially and financially.

ICO token price: 1 PLA = 0.0012 USD

Total supply: 100,000,000,000 PLA