Kratos Airdrop



Kratos (KTOS)
Value: $9.75

Tasks for Kratos airdrop:

Ticker: KTOS

Tokens per airdrop: 75
WOW, such value!

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: January 14, 2019

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How to get Kratos airdrop:


  1. Go to the airdrop page
  2. Register an account before 12 PM EST on Tuesday, 22nd January.If you have an existing account on trade.io you don’t need to create another one
  3. On23rd January, you will be dropped with 75 KTOS tokens to your account. KTOS will also be listed on this day
  4. Optional: Trade.io  participants will receive 1,000,000 KTOS distributed proportionally.
  5. Optional: Non-exchange wallets holding 2,500 TIOx or more will receive 100,000 KTOS tokens (~$ 11.800)
  6. Optional: Top 100 KTOS traders will stand a chance to win from 1,000 KTOS to 200,000 KTOS tokens from a total pool of 1,000,000 KTOS tokens. The top 100 will be selected on the basis of the volume of KTOS traded

Referral program

  1.  Register your business/company for the website, verify your email and login
  2. Complete the KYC/AML
  3. Go to the referral page and submit your email to receive your referral link
  4. Sign up to Trade.io exchange in order to receive your tokens at the end of the campaign period. Use same email as for Kratos website
  5. For every successful sign up from your referral link, you will earn 1,000 KTOS tokens (1,000 KTOS = 1 ETH)
  6. Each referred friend must successfully complete KYC/AML
  7. Tokens will be dropped 2 weeks after the end of the referral campaign

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Kratos (KTOS) - Project information:

A decentralized commodities trading platform, significantly transforms and enhances international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle. Commodity trading challenges include insufficient trust, manual documentation, and unnecessary intermediaries. These problems often result in significant time-delays and high cost. KRATOS is an Ethereum-based platform that employs Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts to address these challenges. As a result, KRATOS platform delivers better transparency, higher efficiency, and less complexity than any other existing system. The use of this platform would result in more timely deliveries and lower cost. KRATOS has developed a Token Curated Registry process for trades submitted to the KRATOS platform. Trades submitted on the platform for trade finance will be curated by token holders. The output of this curation process will be a list of high-quality trades, which will represent a subset of trades that may not otherwise receive financing. It would be difficult for others to compete with Arkratos since it already has a functional MVP and has secured commitments for the use of its platform from multiple global commodities trading firms.

ICO token price: 1 KTOS = 0.2953 USD

Total supply: 300,000,000 KTOS