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Gese (GSE)
Value: $31.2

Tasks for Gese airdrop:

Telegram is required
Twitter is required
Reddit is required
BitcoinTalk is required
LinkedIn is required

Ticker: GSE

Tokens per airdrop: 240
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Max. participants: 10,000

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: May 25, 2018

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How to get Gese airdrop:

  1. Sign up for the website and like any post in your dashboard
  2. Join Telegram group
  3. Follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned post
  4. Like Facebook page and share pinned post
  5. You will be dropped with 160 GSE tokens
  6. BONUS:
    – Follow them on Medium and clap any post 20 times (+20 GSE)
    – Subscribe to the Reddit page (+20 GSE)
    – Follow them on LinkedIn (+20 GSE)
    – Follow them on Quora (+20 GSE)
  7. Post your proof of participation in this BitcoinTalk thread
  8. Fill out this airdrop form
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240 GSE

Gese (GSE) - Project information:

The Gese blockchain-platform is a worldwide database of all alcoholic beverages, allowing users to quickly select a quality product that matches their taste preferences. Searching for information has never been easier: now, to get a complete product content information, a consumer just needs to place his smartphone over the NFC-label attached to the bottle. Gese will help the consumer make the right choices even before going to the store: the application will recommend alcoholic drinks based on the user's past preferences, show current reviews and help find the most optimal options from local stores. The buyer can verify the product authenticity by simply taking the bottle from the counter and placing his smartphone over the NFC-tag. Subsequently, the Gese user will be able to get a reward for writing a review about the purchased beverage and handing over the used packaging at a designated recycling point. Thus, the platform accompanies the buyer not only before, but also after the product purchase, thereby encouraging his activity within the system.

ICO date: 1/07/2018

ICO token price: 1 ETH = 5,500 GSE

Total supply: 600,000,000 GSE