Flare Network Airdrop

Flare Network
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Ticker: FLR

Platform: OWN

For holders of: XRP

Publish date: November 26, 2020

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How to get Flare Network airdrop:

Flare Network is a blockchain project running on the Avalanche consensus protocol adapted to Federated Byzantine Agreement and leveraging the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Flare Network is a distributed network. It can be leveraged as a scaling method for smart contract networks without relying on economic safety mechanisms. The Flare Network leverages the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling the network to run Turing complete smart contracts. This is a useful property as the cost to attack network safety in networks that do leverage a token for safety is related to the speculative value of the token, therefore facilitating an incentive in these networks to create a double-spend attack whereby the cost of an attack is lower than the reward from the successful double-spend. Spark is a native token of the Flare Network. The Spark Dependant Application model provides a blueprint for building applications on the Flare Network. The building of the decentralized application on the Flare Network relies on three components: Spark used as collateral, Spark used to contribute to the Flare Time Series Oracle providing on-chain data estimates, and Spark used as a participation token in governance schemes.

Flare Network airdrop is a holder airdrop for RIPPLE (XRP) holders. All XRP owners, except employees of the Ripple Labs, can participate in this holder airdrop. In total there are 45,000,000,000 (45 billions) tokens to claim. On 12th December 2020, a snapshot will be taken of all XRP Ledger addresses at a specific ledger index number. All address which are holding XRP coins will get a proportional number of Spark tokens. If you are holding XRP coins on the exchange, here is the list of supported exchanges who claimed that will distribute Spark tokens. If you are holding XRP on a non-supported exchange then you will have to remove coins on a supported exchange or to self custody (hardware wallet, for example). For detailed instruction on how to claim Spark tokens if you XRP coins are not on the supported exchange visit this official post. Detailed instructions are at the bottom of the article.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Flare Network airdrop:

  1. Go to the official airdrop post
  2. Here is the list of the supported exchanges for the Flare Network holder airdrop
  3. You will need to have Ripple (XRP) coins to get Spark tokens (FLR)
  4. If your exchange is not on the list of the supported exchanges, you have two options. You will need to move your XRP coins to a supported exchange or if you are holding on your own, go to this official article. In the bottom are detailed instructions on how to set up your address to get Spark tokens
  5. The total airdrop pool is 45 billion Spark tokens
  6. The snapshot will occur on 12th December 2020. You need to have XRP coins before that date

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Flare Network Airdrop
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