July 30, 2019

Make Crypto Investing Easy with AMFEIX


AMFEIX Description

AMFEIX.com has developed a blockchain fund for secure investments in the crypto space and promotes decentralization and transparency.

The main objective of the platform is to solve some of the impediments investors come across in the crypto market, such as high volatility rates. AMFEIX has created the platform to make investments and trades safe, to maximize the returns and minimize losses. Basically, the platform makes profitable trades in Bitcoin in the users’ stead, saving them time and effort.

Unlike other investment platforms, users can keep their privacy by proving their identity without submitting personal information. Account data is updated in real-time, to display accurate market prices.

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Trading Pairs

AMFEIX engages in trading with a number of top tier cryptos. The variety of coins minimizes losses and increases gains through minimal exposure. The most invested pair is Bitcoin (BTC)/USD and is joined by Ethereum (ETH)/BTC, Ripple (XRP)/BTC, Binance Coin (BNB)/BTC, Litecoin (LTC)/BTC, Cardano (ADA)/BTC, NEO/BTC, and Monero (XMR)/BTC.

The pairs have the following fund allocation

  • BTC/USD -73.9%,
  • XRP/BTC and ETH/BTC -9% each,
  • BNB/BTC- 4%,
  • LTC/BTC- 3%,
  • ADA/BTC-1%,  
  • NEO/BTC and XMR/ BTC -0.5% each.

How Secure Is AMFEIX?

AMFEIX wants its users to rest assured knowing that their funds are in safe hands. The platform has implemented a number of security measures, such as decentralized wallets secured by a 12 random seed key. The account is directly linked to the users’ personal computer. In order to maximize security, an 8-character password is required upon signing in the account. The passwords are encrypted and are not stored on AMFEIX servers. Only the users have access to the passwords.

Most of the funds are kept in cold storage, which limits access to external threats. Approximately 30% to 50% of the total funds are stored in hot wallets for immediate access when used in trades.


Deposits in AMFEIX accounts have no fees, nor there are any account management fees. AMFEIX applies a flat fee of 20 percent on the resulted revenue.

Profits and losses are not made in fiat currency, being calculated in BTC. The investors have their losses distributed among them according to their investments.

Monthly Performance Displayed

Each month, the platform features its performance records. Their performance can be tracked from January, 2019 to June, 2019. January made the most – 30%, followed by February with 29%, and June with 20%.

Dedicated Customer Support

AMFEIX has a dedicated team of support personnel which can be reached by users via the chat function. The support team responds easily and with no delay, as they know the importance of solving problems and how they can jeopardize user funds.

No Minimum Investment Period

The platform does not have a minimum investment period, which means that users are able to exit the fund whenever they feel like it. This ensures transparency and flexibility, as there are no restrictions to inconvenience users.

Creating and Funding a Wallet

Creating a wallet is easy; just go to the official AMFEIX website – AMFEIX.com – and then click on Start Investing or Sign in from the menu to begin. The wallets are based on the Ethereum network, and they can be created in a few seconds. To create a wallet, just select a name, password, and backup seed.

After this, you can deposit funds from your exchange or personal wallet. Once the funds are displayed in the top right corner, click on the ‘AMFEIX Fund’ tab, then on the ‘Investment Confirmation’ tab for investment confirmation.


AMFEIX.com brings a decentralized investment fund which mitigates the risks that come with this market sector, allowing investors to make the most of their crypto trades.


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