November 11, 2022
Infinity Games

Infinity Games – the first interoperable and ever-growing metaverse

Imagine you are playing an RPG game, and you have developed your hero to a very high level. Now imagine that you can use that hero and play a tactical auto battler or CCG game. And that that hero has similar looks or feel. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Organically and ever-growing metaverse

This is one of the biggest challenges in blockchain gaming, and Infinity Games are determined to solve it. This will be accomplished on two levels. The first one is the blockchain protocol that will allow the modification of dynamic NFTs for different games and apps. The other one is crucial and it will allow all graphical models of those NFTs to be shared among all participants of the Infinity Games ecosystem. This feature will allow all assets to have similar looks and feel across different decentralized applications.

Asset creators will be incentivized for creating content for the ecosystem. If some game is using your 3D models you will be paid by the smart contract for every transaction for that asset in the game which is using it. We can see here big similarities with Unity assets, but this one will be regulated on the blockchain. Also, we can see big similarities with Steam, because Infinity Games will have a big deal in publishing and providing logistical support for developing new games.

What this all means for the players?

Now let’s talk a bit about what this all means for gamers. Gamers will have the autonomous rights to do whatever they want with the assets they have earned while playing the games. They can sell them, gift them to friends, or they could even rent them to other players or guilds to earn interest on them.

Infinity Games are developing its first game called Infinity Heroes, which will be the showcase for the ecosystem. It is the most advanced tactical blockchain auto battler.

Pre-alpha will be released in Q1 2023. Users will be able to sign up for beta testing. For whitelisting information follow Infinity games on Twitter and LinkedIn and don’t miss new announcements.

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