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Taklimakan (TAN)
Value: $?
Referral: $0.2

Tasks for Taklimakan airdrop:

Ticker: TAN

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: March 15, 2019

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How to get Taklimakan airdrop:

Taklimakan is a content creation platform where users are rewarded in their tokens for various activities. It is something similar to Steemit. Taklimakan has an ERC-20 token called TAN.

Taklimakan airdrop is not a usual airdrop where you will be rewarded for joining various social media profiles. Here you will be rewarded for registering and activity on the platform. The referral reward is also available.

Step-by-step guide on how to get Taklimakan airdrop:

  1. Sign up for the website
  2. Post or send a link with a gift voucher and spread a word about the Taklimakan Network
  3. For every referral you will get 0.2 USDT
  4. Motivate invitees to participate in the campaign too by sending ready-made instructions
  5. Share up to 1,000 gift vouchers with 0.1 USDT to your friends, relatives, and subscribers
  6. Post or send a link with a gift voucher and spread a word about the Taklimakan Network
  7. Complete side-quests and earn even more
  8. Get rewards for inviting friends by your first level referrals
  9. Save payouts right on your wallet

Total airdrop pool is 250,000 USDT. For more info about the airdrop visit this link.

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Taklimakan (TAN) - Project information:

Taklimakan Network is an investment and educational platform for crypto enthusiasts, analysts and traders, which enables users to make professional investment decisions regardless of the level of their financial literacy using educational resources, analytical and trading tools, reviews, etc. Platform offers trading signals, strategies and recommendations from professionals sent exclusively to platform users. Moreover, analytics on ICO projects and coins would be offered within a platform. Investment portfolios formed by experienced managers would be also offered to the clients. The newbies of the industry would be able to access educational materials to lift the knowledge base.

ICO token price: 1 TAN = 0.05 USD