Platform: TRON

DV Marketplace (DVM)

Go to the google airdrop form Join Telegram group Follow them on Twitter Subscribe to the here You will be dropped with 100 DVM tokens

BitTorrent by CoinTiger (BTT)

Airdrop is eligible only for new users of CoinTiger exchange  Sign up for CoinTiger and verify your email  Follow CoinTiger and Justin Sun on Twitter Fill out the airdrop form Copy your UID and paste it in the airdrop form. You can find UID at your profile at the top of the page on the right side on the CoinTiger site You …

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BitTorrent (BTT)

First snapshot will happen when TRON’s block height reaches 6.6 million Airdrop will begin on February 11, 2019 with an initial airdrop supply of 10,890,000,000 BTT From March 11, 2019 — February 11, 2020 a total of 990,000,000 BTT will be airdropped every month This will continue till February 11, 2025 with different airdrop value being airdropped every month …

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Go to the google airdrop page  Join Telegram group (120 TRONISH, first 10,000 participants)  Follow them on Twitter (120 TRONISH, first 3,000 participants)  Follow them on Medium (120 TRONISH, first 3,000 participants) Fill out the airdrop form. Create TRON wallet here You will be dropped with 360 TRONISH tokens The tokens will be distributed two weeks after the end of the …

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BeatzCoin (BTZC)

 Join Telegram group  Follow them on Discord  Follow them on Linkedin  Subscribe to the Reddit page  Subscribe to the YouTube channel Fill out the google airdrop form, you will need TRON wallet You will get 50 stakes of the total airdrop pool ? Total airdrop pool is 5,625,000 BTZC


Go to the airdrop page Submit your TRON wallet address Wallet can be created here  Join Telegram group Copy the code from the airdrop page to the Telegram group You will be dropped with 2 TRX For every referral you’ll get 4 TRX