Platform: Stellar


Download the PayRue app and sign up (Android/IOS) Complete the KYC (Mandatory) You will be dropped with 5,000 PROPEL tokens For every referral who completes their KYC you will get 1,000 PROPEL tokens. You can find your referral link by clicking on “more” and then on “Inviting friends” from within the app. You can also directly …

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Stellar (XLM)

Download the Keybase mobile app Verify your mobile number via SMS Currently you will get around 600 XLM coins For more info about the airdrop visit this page

CCUniverse (UVU)

Go to the google airdrop form Join Telegram group Follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet Subscribe to the YouTube channel Like Facebook page Subscribe to the subreddit Follow their partner on Twitter  Fill out the airdrop form (you will need Stellar address) You will be dropped with $10 in UVU tokens For …

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Bitbond (BB1)

Go to the Bitcointalk bounty page There are several bounty campaigns: – hunter campaign, invite friends to Telegram group (ends on May 27th) – affiliate campaign – signature campaign – content creation – social media campaign – creativity campaign


Chat with this Telegram bot Join Telegram group Submit your Stellar address (you can also submit ETH addres, but you will need to swap them later) You will be dropped with $50 in GRX tokens (5,000 GRX) For every referral you will get $25 in GRX tokens (2,500 GRX)

StellarPay (XLB)

Go to the google airdrop form Create a trust line for XLB tokens to your Stellar wallet. Follow the instructions from here Follow them on Facebook page and share, comment and tag 5 of your friends in this 

Argentas (AXU)

Sign up for the website You will be dropped with 12,499 AXU tokens ($16) Invite 6 friends to secure additional 49,995 AXU tokens ($65)

Causee (Causee)

 Join Causee Telegram group  Join AirdropsMob Telegram channel  Follow Causee on Twitter  Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter  Follow and like Causee on Facebook  Follow and like AirdropsMob on Facebook Fill out the form below To receive tokens you will need to have a Stellar wallet. You can get wallet here. We recommend StellarTerm or Lobstr. Wallet …

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Xirkle (XIR)

Go to the airdrop page  Join Telegram group  Fill out the airdrop form You will be dropped with 9 XIR tokens