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Netrum (NTR)

Chat with this Telegram group Follow them on Facebook page and share pinned post Create Netrum wallet and submit it to the bot with other details You will be dropped with 1 NTR coin For every referral you will get 0.25 NTR coins

Fusion Coin (XFC)

Chat with this Telegram group Create XFC wallet address here following the steps below: Register for an account and verify your mail. Log in and click on “XFC Transfer” from the home page, submit your details and register to receive your XFC wallet address Submit your XFC wallet address to the bot by sending “/wallet_save your_XFC_wallet_address” You …

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Sign up for the exchange and verify your email Complete your KYC Go back to the airdrop page and click on “I have done this” Join Twitter Like

Bitcoin Air (XBA)

Chat with this Telegram bot Join Magnum wallet’s channel (+2 XBA) Follow them on Discord channel (+2 XBA) Subscribe to the Reddit page (+2 XBA) Submit your details to the bot along with your XBA wallet address. If you don’t have one, create it here You will be dropped with 10 XBA tokens Holder airdrop: Free XBA for Bitcoin and …

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Coinquista (Coinquista)

Sign up for the website and verify your email You will be dropped with 100 Coinquista coins For every referral you will get 10 Coinquista coins

Social Chains (SOCT)

Go to the google airdrop form  Join Telegram group (+1000 S)  Like Facebook page (+1000 S)  Follow them on Twitter (+1000 S)  Follow them on Instagram  Subscribe to the Reddit page Desktop users have to sign up for the website, while mobile users have to download the app Go to your dashboard, verify your mail (+1000 S) and complete phone verification (+1000 S) …

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BlockFight (HALO)

Go to the airdrop form  Join them on Discord (+1000 HALO)  Subscribe to the YouTube channel (+200 HALO)  Follow them on Twitter (+200 HALO)  Retweet this tweet (+500 HALO)  Upvote Reddit post (+200 HALO)  Follow them on Instagram (+200 HALO)  Follow them on Facebook (+200 HALO) Set up the Halo Platform Browser Extension on your desktop (+500 HALO) Play BlockFight and copy the match block number from your fight history (+1000 …

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Terra Credit (CREDIT)

 Sign up for the website and login You will be dropped with 35k CREDIT coins For every referral you will get 5k CREDIT coins

Dogecoin (DOGE)

 Sign up for the Coinone website and verify your email Verify your phone number Create a DOGE deposit address in your account You will be dropped with 10 DOGE coins Airdrop is limited to firs 1,000 participants

BlockStamp (BST)

 Sign up for the airdrop page Complete various tasks to earn entries You can collect up to 25 entries For every referral you will get 3 entries Total airdrop pool for this round is 100,000 BST coins (~$45k)