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BlocPal (BPX)

 Go to the airdrop page Submit your details and signup. Verify your mail and log in Complete various social media tasks Download the BlocPal App for Android or IOS Submit your BlocPal wallet address to the airdrop page You will get 1000 stakes for ever referral

XPChain (XPC)

Go to the airdrop page Download the XPChain wallet for your platform Complete the task on the airdrop form You will get 8 entries Total airdrop pool is 250,000,000 XPC. Participants will get an equal share according to their stakes 💡 XPChain is traded on

VeChain by OceanEx (VET)

 Sign up for the exchange, verify your email and login Complete the KYC (click on “verification”) You will be dropped with 5,000 VET coins To get your referral link go to this page and click on “Make a Poster” For every referral you will get 2,500 KYC tokens (your friends also have to complete KYC) …

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Hdac (HDAC)

Go to the google airdrop form  Join Telegram group Download the Hdac Wallet for Android/IOS or you can use address from the exchanges mentioned on the airdrop form Fill out the airdrop form You will be dropped with 30 HDAC coins 💡 Total airdrop pool is 450,000 HDAC coins 💡 Hdac is listed on CoinMarketCap

Energi (NRG)

Go to the airdrop page Only these countries are eligable for the airdrop: USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand Sign up for either round 2 or round 3 according to your citizenship Create Energi wallet Log in to the dashboard  Join Telegram group (4 NRG) and Telegram channel (4 NRG)  Follow them on Twitter (8 NRG), like and retweet …

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TerraGreen (TGN)

 Chat with this Telegram bot Press continue and submit verification code (human test)  Join Telegram group  Follow them on Twitter (optional) Submit your ETH wallet address to the bot  Sign up for the website and complete your KYC Sign up at the Terragreen Wallet and submit your Terragreen wallet address to the Telegram bot page atmost 15 days before the ICO ends. …

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X-Cash (XCASH)

Go to the website and click on airdrop from the menu (or scroll down) Sign up for the airdrop Create a wallet (paper, or download) Join Telegram group Submit your details and register for the monthly airdrop in the calendar (just click on the provided link) Every month X-Cash will release 1% of their coins …

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Auxilium (AUX)

Go to the google airdrop form Download the AUX desktop wallet to create your AUX wallet address or use an AUX address from Mercatox. Submit your AUX wallet address to the airdrop form and click on “Next”  Join Telegram group (+20 AUX)  Follow them on Twitter (+20 AUX) and retweet tweet 1 (+20 AUX) and tweet 2 (+20 AUX)  Like Facebook page (+20 AUX) and share their pinned post …

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TOP Network (TOP)

Go to the airdrop page and  click on “Register in bounty bot”  Now chat with the Telegram bot  Join Telegram group (+1000 points) Click on “Follow to Get Free Tokens” and submit your details to the google form (+3000 points) Now click on “Get more tokens” and complete the additional optional social tasks (+8000 points) If you …

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Bitcoin Confidential (TBD)

Hold a minimum of 1 SMART in your private wallet to be eligible for the airdrop. (You have to own the private key of your wallet!) For every 1 SMART you hold, you will receive 10 Bitcoin Confidential (TBD). The snapshot for the airdrop will take place on December 15th, 2018 at 07:00 UTC. A step-by-step user …

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