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MimbleWimble (MWC)

Go to the airdrop page Submit your Bitcoin wallet address where hold your BTC and click on “Register/Verify”. Sign the message from the claiming tool using the “Sign Message” feature within your wallet (instructions for Trezor users / 


Go to the website and click on “Get now” Submit your details and sign up You will be dropped with 1,000 BZT tokens For every referral you will get 0.01 ETH, but you and your friend has to complete 10 trades on the platform to get a referral reward

KIN by Lykke

Download Lykke Wallet app or use the web terminal to get registered Have successfully passed the KYC* verification by May 31st, 2019 Deposit or buy 400,000 KIN coins (~20 USD) at Lykke. You have to hold 400,000 KIN in your Lykke wallet by the date of the airdrop Follow Lykke on 

Ontology (ONT)

Go to the airdrop page Download the Ontology APP for Android or IOS Complete social tasks mentioned in the airdrop page to get up to 4750 entries 100 entries are worth 1 ONG token For every referral you will get 1 entry (up to 100 referrals) You need to have at least 500 entries to be …

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Lobstex (LOBS)

Sign up for the XLobs exchange Complete the KYC Join Discord Channel 100 LOBS coins will be dropped to your account once the KYC is passed

Matrix AI Network (MAN)

Hold a minimum of 100 MAN coins on KuCoin exchange KuCoin will take a snapshot of MAN balances at 18:00 on 5/5/2019 (UTC+8). The number of MAN coins to be airdropped to each user will depend on “Each user’s total MAN balance/Total MAN balances from all qualifying users) × 300,000 MAN” ⚡ For more info …

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Netrum (NTR)

Chat with this Telegram group Follow them on Facebook page and share pinned post Create Netrum wallet and submit it to the bot with other details You will be dropped with 1 NTR coin For every referral you will get 0.25 NTR coins

Fusion Coin (XFC)

Chat with this Telegram group Create XFC wallet address here following the steps below: Register for an account and verify your mail. Log in and click on “XFC Transfer” from the home page, submit your details and register to receive your XFC wallet address Submit your XFC wallet address to the bot by sending “/wallet_save your_XFC_wallet_address” You …

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