Platform: EOS


EOS was initially built on Ethereum, but after one of the most successful ICO in history, it has moved on to its own blockchain. EOS airdrop is organized and hosted on It is an excellent and easy airdrop where you will learn a lot about the EOS blockchain. You can get up to $50 …

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AMZCoin airdrop is a very easy airdrop hosted with the Telegram bot. For chatting with the Telegram bot and following the instructions, which are various tasks on social media like Twitter and Telegram, you will get 150 AMZ tokens. Tokens are built on EOS, and according to the ICO price, the value of the airdrop …

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U°OS Network (UOS)

Holder airdrop: . Sign up for the website Send your U°OS account name to a smart contract on EOS. For that, choose one tool from below and follow the instructions mentioned on the page. UOS2EOS Airdrop: Using EOSX UOS2EOS Airdrop: Using EOS-VOTER UOS2EOS Airdrop: Using EOSAuthority UOS2EOS Airdrop: Using Cleos The snapshot was already taken …

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Volentix (VTX)

 Chat with the Telegram bot Download Volentix wallet  Sign up for the website Open Volentix wallet After creating a wallet click on SCAN QR to get your wallet address Submit your EOS address to the bot Click on “Associate Wallet” in the Volentix wallet Login to your account on the website Complete the KYC You …

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Havven (HAVeos)

Havven is launching on EOSIO to enable stable payments for EOS ÐApps. Havven is airdropping 50% of all HAVeos tokens (50,000,000 HAVeos) to existing HAVeth holders with at least 1000 HAVs. ? Full details about the airdrop are in this article There will be two snapshots taken of the HAV balances on the Ethereum blockchain, a starting snapshot and an ending snapshot. There is …

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Go to the google airdrop form  Join Telegram group  Post proof of participation to this Bitcointalk thread Fill out the google form You will be dropped with 31 CWEX tokens. They will be swaped to EOS after the bounty distribution

MyCryptoBank (MCB)

Go to the google airdrop form  Join Telegram group  Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet 3 last tweets  Like Facebook page, like and share 3 last posts  Follow them on Instagram, like and share 3 last posts  Follow them on LinkedIn Fill out the airdrop form (you will need an EOS wallet) You will be dropped with 200 MCB …

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Download the UNICO app Submit your details and register Verify your mail (+300 UNI) Click on “Bounty” from the the app. Select any network from the dropdown list Chat with this Telegram bot Join Telegram group. Submit the ID you get from the bot to the Telegram group Follow them on Twitter Submit your details to the Bounty page …

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If you had more than 100 EOS in your wallet during the Genesis Snapshot, there is no action required If you had less than 100 EOS in your wallet during the Genesis Snapshot, fill out the form at the bottom of this page. Include your name, email and EOS address. This must be done before July …

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