JioJioMe (JCASH)



JioJioMe (JCASH)
Value: $5+2


Telegram is required

Ticker: JCASH

Tokens per airdrop: 25 + 10
WOW, such value!

Platform: ETHEREUM

Publish date: May 16, 2018

Check/uncheck this airdrop as DONE

How to get an airdrop:

  1. Join Telegram group
  2. Install the app from the official website
  3. Register with email or Facebook
  4. You will need to upload your photo and DOB
  5. Click on your profile icon -> User ID / Promo Code and input: “JCASH20”. You will get 20 tokens
  6. For extra 10 tokens in REFER BY input: J81663205952
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JioJioMe (JCASH) - Project information:

The JCASH project is focused on creating an ecosystem of services that drive demand for the token, providing enough revenue for the network to operate at no cost to the user, and ultimately generating enough revenue to share with token holders as dividends.

ICO token price: 1 JCASH = $0.20

Total supply: 2,000,000,000 JCASH