FIlters: telegram

Let Bet (LBT)

Join Telegram group Register for the website Chat with the Telegram bot Submit your email that you used for account registration Input your Let Bet Wallet address. Go to the wallet on your dashboard, and click on “View LBT Addresss” Refer to your friends

Realista (RET)

Submit your email Follow them on Telegram Submit your Telegram user name You can refer your friends, but have to submit photos as a proof

Safe Heaven (SHA)

Fill in the google form:  Visit theirs official website and subscribe for our newsletter  Join theirs Official Telegram Channel:  Follow them on Twitter:  Retweet theirs pinned post!  Follow them on Facebook:

eCharge (ECHARGE)

This airdrop is only referral program. You will only get tokens for referring your friends. Chat with the Telegram bot Join theirs Telegram group Submit your Ethereum address Submit your email Refer to your friends

Blok (BLO)

This is a really good value: 0.03 ETH. Tokens will be distributed one month after the ICO. You must follow them on Twitter, Telegram and Reddit Submit your ETH address Join the Telegram group Follow them on Twitter Subscribe on Reddit Retweet the tweet and copy the link of your retweet No referral program available …

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Health Nexus (HLTH)

 Join Telegram group and post a constructive message  Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet  Fill out this google airdrop form You will be dropped with 25 HLTH tokens

VeriMe (VME)

Click on the airdrop link to start chatting with the Telegram bot Join the official Telegram group Share suggested post and post the image as proof. You will get additional tokens for every task completed Click “Submit details” to paste your Ethereum address Click “Refer a friend” to get referral link and get more tokens

Flux Games (FLUX)

Fill out the google airdrop form Join their Telegram group Submit your Ethereum address You cannot leave the Telegram group until token sale end to get your tokens

Tontine Trust (TON)

Click on the airdrop link at the bottom and register on the page (it will be on the top of the screen) You will have to confirm your email Click on the “Airdrop” from the left of the menu in the dashboard Complete the social task to get the tokens Refer to your friends to …

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