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Licht Project (LCT)

Go to the airdrop page  Like Facebook page  Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet (tag 8 friends)  Join Telegram channel  Join Telegram group  Follow them on LinkedIn  Follow them on Reddit Make a comment on Bitcointalk You will be dropped with 1,000 LCT tokens For every referral you will get 100 LCT tokens KYC will …

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Ares Tech (ARES)

 Join Telegram group Register for an ARES wallet First 2,000 participants to register for wallet will receive 50 ARES tokens Also earn additional ARES tokens by playing games in the Ares Arena Battle Hall (up to 40 ARES), by joining a challenge (75 ARES), or for asking questions in their Telegram group (200 ARES)

Weave (WVR)

Sign up for the website Login and click on “SIGN UP FOR THE WEAVE AIRDROP” from the front page  Join Telegram group  Follow them on Twitter  Like Facebook page Submit your details to the airdrop form. You will receive a mail (after the public sale has completed) with details to claim the 100 WVR token

PerksCoin (PCT)

Download the PTPWallet for Android or for IOS (leave a review)  Join Telegram group  Like Facebook page You will be dropped with 1000 PCT tokens You will be able to withdraw your tokens once you complete the KYC

HubrisOne (HBRS)

Go to the google airdrop page  Join Telegram group and post a constructive question Download the app (currently only for Android)  Retweet this tweet  Fill out the airdrop form You will be dropped with $10 in HBRS tokens For every referral you will get $10 in HBRS tokens. You will get the code in the …

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World Trip Singapore (WTXT)

Go to the google airdrop page Complete 10 social media tasks listed in the airdrop form. Each task is worth 5 WTXT tokens Fill out the airdrop form You will be dropped with up to 50 WTXT tokens

Travala (AVA)

 Chat with this Telegram bot  Sign-Up to KuCoin exchange and make sure your account is email verified and that you have 2FA activated on this account  Follow KuCoin on Twitter  Follow Travala on Twitter  Join KuCoin Telegram group  Join Travala Telegram group You will be dropped with 25 AVA tokens Top 25 referrers will get vacation worth up to 15500 …

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Dragonglass (DGS)

Go to the google airdrop from  Join Telegram group and write a constructive question or comment  Fill out the airdrop form You will be dropped with 2000 DGS tokens


 Chat with this Telegram bot Click on “Sign me up” from the bot and submit your social details.  Join Telegram group  Follow them on Twitter  Subscribe to the Reddit page  Ask a constructive question in their Bitcointalk thread (Optional) You will be dropped with 200 RUNE tokens Participate in their daily quiz to get up to 200 RUNE. For every referral you …

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Griffex (GFX)

 Sign up for the website and verify your email address  Join Telegram group (+500 GFX)  Join Discord channel (+500 GFX)  Follow them on Twitter (+150 GFX)  Follow them on Facebook (+100 GFX)  Follow them on LinkedIn (+100 GFX)  Follow them on Instagram (+100 GFX)  Subscribe to the Reddit page (+100 GFX) Complete other tasks from the airdrop page Click on “Submit Task” and submit your details You will be dropped …

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