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Go to the airdrop page Join Telegram group Follow them on Twitter Like Facebook page Like LinkedIn page Follow them on Instagram Subscribe to the YouTube channel You will be dropped with 1,000 TNC tokens How to set up the wallet: 1. Open your Aladdin Pro wallet and click the Settings icon on the upper …

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Therris (THRX)

Join Therris Facebook page Join Therris Facebook group Follow Therris on Twitter  Join Therris Telegram group Follow Therris on Reddit Follow Therris on Instagram Follow Therris on LinkedIn Join AirdropsMob Telegram group Follow AirdropsMob on Twitter To get a Therris address download the wallet You will get 180 THRX coins For every referral you will …

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Go to the airdrop form Install Metamask for your browser Add DRK DeFi to your Metamask extension as mentioned in this Telegram channel Follow them on 


Go to the MASS airdrop page Complete various tasks and register on the website (where you will get coins) Submit the airdrop form

TrueChain (TRUE)

Total airdrop pool is 60,000 TRUE coins Chat with this Telegram group Join Twitter and retweet this 

Azbi (AZBI)

Go to the  Azbi airdrop form Join Twitter and retweet one tweet Submit your details to the airdrop form You will get 500 AZBI tokens

PointPay (PXP)

Create an account at PointPay Join their Telegram channel Follow them on Facebook page Subscribe to their Youtube channel Submit your details to this airdrop form You will get 300 PXP tokens You can only spend your bonus 300 PXP in PointPay ecosystem to reduce trading commissions or purchase education materials