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Ferrum Network (FRM)

Go to the google airdrop page  Join Telegram group and post a message  Follow them on Twitter, like and retweet this tweet  Signup for the newsletter  Subscribe to the Reddit page Post a tweet about Ferrum Network for 5 days in a row. For this task submit airdrop form on the 5th day  Follow Kudi Exchange on Twitter Submit your details including the screenshots showing …

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Bitbook (BXK)

Go to the airdrop page  Like Facebook page (+ 10 BXK)  Follow them on Linkedin (+ 10 BXK)  Follow them on Twitter (+ 10 BXK)  Join Telegram group (+ 10 BXK)  Follow them on Medium (+ 10 BXK)  Follow them on Reddit (+ 10 BXK)  Follow them on Instagram (+ 10 BXK)  Subscribe to the YouTube page (+ 10 BXK) Fill out the airdrop form Verify your email upon the submission of the airdrop form (+ 10 …

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Saiterm (SAIEX)

Go to the google airdrop form   Join Telegram group (2 stakes, mandatory)  Follow Facebook page (1 stake) Leave a positive review (2 stakes)  Follow them on Twitter (1 stake) Like and retweet any tweet (2 stakes)  Follow them on Instagram (1 stake) Like and comment any post on Instagram (2 stakes)  Subscribe to the YouTube …

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XPChain (XPC)

Go to the airdrop page Download the XPChain wallet for your platform Complete the task on the airdrop form You will get 8 entries Total airdrop pool is 250,000,000 XPC. Participants will get an equal share according to their stakes 💡 XPChain is traded on

BeachHead (BHT)

Join Telegram group and Telegram channel Follow them on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet Subscribe to the on Reddit (optional) Follow them on LinkedIn (optional) Submit your data to the Telegram bot Fill out the airdrop form 1 and airdrop form 2 You will be dropped with up to 7 BHT tokens

LTO Network (LTO)

 Sign up for the website, verify your email an login Go to your profile and connect Twitter and Reddit accounts There are several bounty campaigns (click on the right menu after you are logged in): –  Twitter: follow them and retweet tweets on daily basis to collect points –  Reddit: create posts and comment to …

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There are several bounty campaigns Complete various tasks to earn stakes Use this Telegram bot to register your social media handlers

Energi (NRG)

Go to the airdrop page Only these countries are eligable for the airdrop: USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand Sign up for either round 2 or round 3 according to your citizenship Create Energi wallet Log in to the dashboard  Join Telegram group (4 NRG) and Telegram channel (4 NRG)  Follow them on Twitter (8 NRG), like and retweet …

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Opu Labs (OPU)

 Sign up for the website verify your email and login Login to your dashboard and scroll down to the “Social Media Airdrop” For completing all 8 social tasks you will be dropped with 250 OPU (~$5) For every referral you will get 250 OPU tokens (~$5) Go to your wallet from the right menu and set …

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💡 Total bounty pool is 5,000,000 BFCL tokens Go to the bounty page on Bitcointalk There are several bounty campaigns: Facebook  Follow and like Facebook page Share posts (Post 1; Post 2; Post 3; Post 4; Post 5) on daily basis. Minimum is 100 friends Fill out this form Maximum 2,000 participants Twitter  Follow them on Twitter Retweet and …

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