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Metadium (META)

Go to the google airdrop page Download the Keepin app and take a picture of you with the App on your phone Follow them on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. Choose one of them Share the photo on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and Tag 3 friends under your post (in comments) with hashtags: #Metadium #Keepin #OwnYourIdentity Fill out the airdrop form You will …

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BlocPal (BPX)

 Go to the airdrop page Submit your details and signup. Verify your mail and log in Complete various social media tasks Download the BlocPal App for Android or IOS Submit your BlocPal wallet address to the airdrop page You will get 1000 stakes for ever referral

WatchUGot (WUG)

Go to the google airdrop form Download the WatchUGot mobile app for iOS or Android Open the app and register, verify your mail and log in Click on ”Create Challenge” and share your challenge with your friends  Join Telegram group  Follow them on Twitter Fill out the airdrop form You will be dropped with $15 in WUG tokens  

Moozicore (MZG)

Download the mobile app (Android/IOS) Sign up with your email address Check in to Moozicore HQ and vote at least 10 times Send an email to [email protected] from the same email which was used for signing up to Moozicore mobile app. Email title should be”Moozicore Airdrop” and email have to contain your ETH address You will be …

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Cogmento (COGS)

Airdrop 1:  Signup for the website, verify your email and login  Join Telegram group  Follow them on Twitter  Like Facebook page Download iOS or Android app and give it a review in the app store Take screenshot of your review in the app store Comment with screenshot image, username and ETH address in Cogmento Airdrop forum You will be dropped with 100 COGS tokens …

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Vite (VITE)

Go to the airdrop page and download Vite IOS app Open the app and create an account Go to the 3rd tab in the wallet app & click on ”Pick up now”, wait for an hour and claim 50 VITE tokens Every 24 hours, Click on ”Pick up now” and claim from 10 VITE tokens up to 1000 VITE tokens …

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TriipMiles (TIIM)

 Go to the airdrop form Download the Triip app for Android or IOS and create an account Submit your registration email to the airdrop form  You will be dropped 88 TIIM tokens to your app

Singh (SINGH)

 Go to the airdrop page Click on ”Subscribe now to get your Airdrop” Submit your email and confirm your submission When the app is released on January 20th, you will receive an email with a google play link: Download and install the Singh app on your Android device. In the following months, it will also be …

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Bitsdaq (BXBC)

⚠️You need a phone number from any one of the following countries: China, Macau, The United States, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam or Taiwan.  Go to the airdrop page Click on ”不想错过” Scroll down and click on “立刻参与“ Submit your details in the following order: Country Code, Phone …

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 Sign up for the website Download the app from the dashboard Sign up to the app with the same email You will be dropped with 50 DAGT tokens For every referral you will get 25 DAGT tokens