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Playgroundz (IOG)

 Chat with this Telegram bot  Signup at KuCoin and enable 2FA verification Click on “Get IOG Rewards” from the bot Submit your KuCoin mail  Follow KuCoin and Playgroundz on Twitter  Join KuCoin and Playgroundz on Telegram  Follow Playgroundz on Medium Click on “Check” from the bot You will be dropped with 16 IOG tokens Top 25 referrers will be dropped with up to 1000 IOG tokens 💡 Top 500 …

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Sign up for the airdrop (click on “Join Airdrop”) (+10 CYBR)  Join Telegram group (+100 CYBR)  Follow them on Twitter (+100 CYBR)  Follow their CEO on Twitter (+100 CYBR)  Like and retweet the Airdrop tweet (+100 CYBR)  Mention @_CosmosCR on Twitter (post a tweet, +100 CYBR)  Subscribe to the  YouTube Channel (+100 CYBR)  Follow them on Medium (+100 CYBR)  Subscribe to the subreddit (+100 CYBR) Go back to …


VeganNation (VCN)

 Sign up for the website (+10 VCN)  Join Telegram group (+10 VCN, Optional)  Follow them on Twitter (+10 VCN, Optional)  Like Facebook page (+10 VCN, Optional)  Follow them on Instagram (+10 VCN, Optional)  Follow them on Medium (+10 VCN, Optional) For every referral you will get 2 VCN tokens

Maester Protocol (MAP)

Go to the google airdrop form  Join Telegram group and post a constructive message  Follow them on Twitter. Retweet the pinned post and tag 3 friends  Like Facebook page  Follow them on Medium and clap/comment this article Like and comment on their blog post  Subscribe to the subreddit  Follow them on Instagram  Follow them on LinkedIn  Post …

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ND Invest (NDC)

 Sign up for the website and verify your email Go to the airdrop form  Join Telegram group and Telegram channel and post a constructive message  Follow them on Twitter and retweet any tweet  Follow New Day on Facebook and share any post (+1 NDC, optional)  Follow them on Instagram and share any post  Follow them on LinkedIn and share any one of their posts.  Follow them on Medium (+1 …

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Arfreyr (FRY)

 Sign up for the website (+100 FRY)  Join Telegram group (+50 FRY) Telegram ann channel (+50 FRY)  Follow them on Twitter (+50 FRY)  Follow them on IOS (+300 FRY) google airdrop form For every referral you will get 50 FRY tokens

Azbit (AZ)

 Like Facebook page and share at least one post (+5,000 AZ, 25k participants)  Subscribe to their YouTube channel and leave a message (+5,000 AZ, 25k participants) google airdrop form You will get a total of 35,000 AZ tokens ⚡ Total airdrop pool is 4,014,080,000 AZ

BCoin (BCT)

 Go to the airdrop page and sign up with your email  Sign up for the website (with the same email address)  Join their Telegram group and Telegram channel (+4 BCT)  Follow them on Twitter and retweet this tweet (+2 BCT)  Subscribe to the YouTube channel and like this video (+2 BCT)  Subscribe to the Reddit page …

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Join Telegram group Follow them on Twitter Follow them on Facebook Subscribe to the Youtube channel and like any video Follow them on Medium Subscribe them on Reddit Fill out this google airdrop form  You will be dropped with 250 BBT tokens

Inmediate (DIT)

Chat with the Telegram bot Join Telegram group Join Telegram announcement channel Follow them on Twitter Follow them on Medium Submit your details to the bot You will be dropped with 90 DIT tokens For every referral you will get 20 DIT tokens (up to 10 referrals)